6 Essential Oils to Help Your Child Sleep Better

6 Essential Oils to Help Your Child Sleep Better

Even with the best of sleep training, there will be times your little one has a hard time sleeping. There can be a multitude of reasons. Recently at our house, McKenna (age 8) was having a hard time sleeping for a few nights in a row because she finished Anne of Green Gables. No spoilers here, but if you have read it, there is a sad event toward the end. McKenna sobbed, I mean SOBBED, at the end of Frozen. I should have thought better of letting her read Anne of Green Gables.

Your child might have a hard time sleeping from a scary dream, worries, excitement, sickenss, teething, overstimulation, being up too late…there are a lot of legitimate reasons that come up. When those times come up at our house, we love to use essential oils. They are simple, quick fixes that relax the children right away. If we have something big the next day and I want sleep to come quickly, I go straight to the oils before they ever head to their rooms.

I apply these oils to the bottoms of feet and also use a diffuser to get them into the air. Another popular method of application is down the spine.

  • Serenity blend–this is my absolute favorite and the favorite of all of my children. It is fantastic! It has a lot of the oils listed below in this blend.

    6 Essential Oils to Help Your Child Sleep Better

  • Lavender. This is in Serenity. This is one most people have if they have any essential oils at all. If you have a little one and don’t want to dilute the lavender, doTERRA actually has a Touch series that is already blended for you. You can use these on infants. So you can get a Lavender Touch and just keep it on hand for bedtime.
  • Cedarwood. This one blends well with Lavender. A cool thing about buying from doTERRA is every month, you can get a free oil if you spend so much money. This month, the oil is Cedarwood. So this is a great month to get your sleepy oils.
  • Vetiver. Vetiver is very earthy. If you or your child prefers earthy smells, this might be the one for you.
  • Roman Chamomile. You hear the word chamomile and think of something intended to relax you.
  • Balance. This is my husband’s favorite night and calming oil.

This month, you can also get the Petal Diffuser from doTERRA at a deal–it is 10% off this month. So you can get your oils, get a diffuser, and you will be set to go and face your next “I can’t sleep” night.

To order your sleep-helping oils, head on over to my doTERRA store. Please let me know if you need help. You can read more here about doTERRA.

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