72 Hour Kit Tips

As I have been doing a 72 hour kit update, I have come up with a few new tips for organizing it.

Use plastic baggies
I put all of the hygiene items together in a gallon storage bag. I put all of the first aid items together in a gallon storage bag. This is great for keeping like items together. It keeps things nice and organized.

Use free samples
As I was gathering McKenna’s hygiene items, I first went to the bathroom to see what we had extra of. I ran across a bunch of samples. You know how you get samples in the mail like crazy? I put in samples of different diaper rash creams, lotions, soaps, changing pads, etc. Very handy!

Use old
For toothbrushes, I just used old toothbrushes. Perfect? No. But they were only used for 6 months before being replaced, and I think they will do just fine in an emergency situation. So as you pack up, try to think of things you are replacing and keep them for your emergency kits.

Buy generic clothing to pass down among children
My plan is to buy some clothes for Brayden’s emergency kit that can work for either gender (for example, a red sweatshirt or something). Then when he outgrows it, I will move those clothes to Kaitlyn’s kit, then down to McKenna’s. This will help save on cost since children grow so fast.

Use other gender’s clothes/shoes
For the girls right now, I am going through Brayden’s old clothes to find sweatshirts and such that might work for them. Remember, we are talking emergency situation, not fashion show. Plus lots clothes work for both genders. 

Update every 6 months
It is a good idea to review and update the kits every 6 months. You can make sure food and water are still fresh and that clothe still fit. You can also add a bit every 6 months so that it isn’t a huge cost all at one time. Another idea is to change what clothes are in there for the upcoming season. The kits fill up fast, so keeping a winter set of clothes and a summer set can take up a lot of room. I will be doing this in October and April and will remind you when it is time if you would like to join in.

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