Emergency Prep

Get prepared for emergencies. Emergencies come in all sorts of ways, not just natural disasters. Get ideas for gardening, food storage, 72 hour kits, and basic self-reliance.

How to Create a Home Fire Escape Plan

How to Create a Home Fire Escape Plan and fire safety for children No one wants to think about the worst happening. We often push off planning for disasters because… View Post

How to Prioritize Your Family Emergency Preparedness

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5 Must Have Items for Parents Keep in the Car

Without fail, the moment a child is required to sit still for a few minutes or more, the child will become thirsty. Not just thirsty. Parched. The child is suddenly… View Post

72 Hour Kit Food

In the event of a disaster, you can possibly face a three day (72 hour) wait time between the disaster and aid reaching your area. Being prepared to face that… View Post

Storing Water for Emergencies

Getting prepared for an emergency can be daunting. It isn’t quick and it isn’t cheap. When you consider the likelihood of needing to use these things you store, it can… View Post

72 Hour Kit Free Printables

  It is that time of year that I like to remind us all to take a look at our emergency preparedness status. Today, I have two printables for you… View Post

Emergency Prepardness: Lifefolio

    It is the time of year when I like to evaluate my emergency prepardness items and make small, manageable goals for the next six months.      My… View Post