Top 10 Thoughtful Baby Shower Gift Ideas: Must-Haves for New Moms

Get ten ideas of baby shower gifts to help new moms to recover well, bond with their baby, and care for their baby more easily.

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When shopping online for a baby shower gift, you can easily feel overwhelmed by the numerous options. Making comparisons and finding out the best can be hard work and get you a headache. Relax! Momcozy has got you covered. This renowned mom-and-baby brand provides innovative and quality products for moms, helping them smoothly transition from pregnancy to early motherhood. More than 3 million moms trust Momcozy for its functional and stylish products, from adorable baby swaddle blankets to the most practical baby carriers. Here are 12 mom and baby essentials that make amazing baby shower gifts.

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Labor and Delivery Essentials

1. Postpartum Recovery Kit

Moms will usually experience vaginal bleeding and discharge after giving birth. If having a vaginal birth, their perineum can be sore and swollen. This requires special care and items to help make recovery easier for them. The Momcozy postpartum recovery kit is carefully designed to offer all that moms will need in one single package, including twelve pieces of disposable underwear with built-in pads to absorb the bleed and discharge, four cold soothing pads and a bottle of cooling foam to ease the pain at the sensitive area, and a peri bottle for cleansing after using the bathroom.

Postpartum recovery kit

2. Postpartum Disposable Underwear

Postpartum disposable underwear is specially shaped and often has extra room for a pad or ice pack. Momcozy disposable underwear is made of soft and breathable material for comfortable wearing. It’s also super stretchy to accommodate different body shapes. Unlike many other underwear, it features built-in pads for next-level convenience. A C-section-friendly high waist design and the leakage-proof edges further enhance the wearing experience.

Postpartum Disposable Underwear

Nursing and Babywearing Essentials

3. Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow provides the necessary arm and body support during feeding sessions and can double as a tummy time pillow or sitting support. It helps cradle a baby in a comfy position, so the mom’s arms don’t do all the work. Momcozy’s nursing pillow takes the pressure off mom’s neck and shoulders and helps with positioning so mom can focus on baby’s latch and swallowing. It has a soft, cuddly cover and comes in a wide array of prints. It’s also very durable, and many moms reuse it for multiple babies. 

Mom with baby on a nursing pillow

According to research, babywearing is good for babies’ physical and emotional development. It helps them stabilize their heads, grasp items to develop motor skills, and bond with their parents. Practicing babywearing can’t be without baby carriers, which come in various types. Here are three of the popular ones.

Comparison at a glance
Baby WrapBaby Carrier ClassicHip Seat Carrier
• For newborns to 6 months • Mimic mom’s womb, preventing baby from crying and enhancing bonding • Provide necessary neck support• For Babies 4 Months Old and Above Support comfortable wearing for an extended time • Ideal for busy moms juggling multiple activities• For Babies 4 Months Old and Above Put on and off the baby quickly • Ideal for short-time wearing with an active little one

4. Baby Wrap – Typically for Newborns to 6 Months

A baby wrap is one or several pieces of soft and stretchy fabric that moms tie and knot around their torso and across their shoulders to create a supportive place to hold their baby. Snuggling close to mom’s chest like still living in the womb, the baby will feel secure and calm, thus less likely to cry and more attached to their mom. Meanwhile, mothers can free up their hands to do the housework like laundry and dishwashing.

Mom carrying baby in a baby wrap

5. Baby Carrier Classic – For Babies 4 Months Old and Above

As babies grow older, the Momcozy baby carrier classic, a soft-structured carrier, will be a great helper for busy moms for comfortable wearing for an extended time. Its thoughtful features include:

  • Wide shoulder straps and crossed-back straps that distribute the baby’s weight evenly.
  • A built-in EVA waist panel that delivers crucial lumbar support and minimizes strain on mom’ back.
  • Adjustability between three sizes to grow with the baby.
  • Putting the baby’s hip in the ergonomic natural “M” position for healthy hip and spinal development.
Mom carrying baby in a baby carrier

6. Hip Seat Baby Carrier – For Babies 4 Months Old and Above

The hip seat carrier is the ideal option as the little one grows more active. Mom can put on and off them quickly with little effort. It distributes pressure across the hips and waist instead of the back and shoulders. Momcozy’s offering has a comfortable and ergonomic design to reduce strain on the mom’s spine as well as to help the baby’s hip keep the pediatric-recommended “M” position. A wide waist belt with a massage pad further relieves abdominal pressure. In addition, the hip seat carrier can also be used as a feeding support to save mothers’ arms.

Hip seat carrier

Baby Essentials

7. Swaddle Blankets (4-Pack)

Newborns are commonly wrapped up in a blanket to help them feel snug and secure, like living in their moms’ womb. This can help a baby sleep longer and calm down more quickly when crying. Mom would love to have some quality swaddle blankets for their baby. Momcozy’s muslin swaddle blankets, made of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, are silky-soft and breathable, gentle on the baby’s delicate skin. It can also be used as a burp cloth, play mat, and changing pad. Multiple color options are available for different tastes.

Swaddle blankets

8. Hooded Baby Towel (2-Pack)

Think about how adorable the little one will look covered in a cute baby towel. Moms will love the sight of this! Momcozy’s hooded baby towels come in three lovely patterns, including Lemon Leaves, Ink Wash Leaves, and Starry Sky. Get an adult size for the mom to make them match! The towel is made of 50% bamboo and 50% cotton, soft and absorbent to dry the baby comfortably and quickly, keeping the baby warm and happy.      

Hooded baby towel

9. Muslin Fitted Crib Sheet

Babies up to 12 months sleep more than 10 hours a day. They spend most of their time in the crib. Mom can’t refuse something of quality that helps their little one sleep well. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies only need a crib mattress and a fitted crib sheet in their crib to create a safe sleep environment. Momcozy’s muslin-fitted crib sheet features deep elasticized corners and doesn’t ride up or slip off. And unlike other fitted sheets, it has reinforcements inside its four corners to prevent tearing at the most vulnerable points. The fitted sheet comes in standard sizes, so it’s easy to choose the correct size for the baby’s crib mattress.

Muslin fitted crib sheet

10. Stroller Organizer

Stroller organizers come in handy for outings when parents have to carry lots of baby essentials and organize them well for easy access. A universal stroller organizer like the Momcozy unit makes mom’s job easy. It is beautifully designed and features spacious compartments, storage pockets, and 2 insulated cup holders. Moms can stack in it their cups, phone, wallet, diapers, wipes, burp cloths, and other baby essentials. And thanks to adjustable Velcro, it fits many strollers.

Stroller organizer

Choose the Right Baby Shower Gift

A good baby shower gift prepares a new mom for motherhood. These 10 ideas cover every budget and are ideal for people looking for some inspiration. Whether you are searching for gifts for the expecting mother or for their little one, Momcozy has the answer for you. Pick a favorite from moms’ favorite products.

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