Bonoch Baby Monitor 7″ 2-Cam Kit Review

If you have more than one child, you will want a 2 camera baby video monitor to be able to keep an eye on both children and have peace of mind. This split-screen design has all of the features you need to be able to monitor your children safely and securely.

Mom looking at the monitor of a baby video monitor

I absolutely love using a video monitor with my babies, toddlers, and even preschoolers. You are able to see what they are doing, know if they are sleeping, and assess their needs quickly.

I did not have a video monitor for my first two babies, but did for my second two. A video monitor is definitely at the top of my must-have list of baby products!

You might have a video monitor for your oldest child, but then you have a second child and have to give up that visual on the oldest. With a 2-cam video camera, you don’t have to! You can still keep an eye on both children. The bonoch Baby Monitor 7″ 2-Cam Kit brings you double peace of mind.

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Split Screen Design

With the Bonoch baby monitor 2-cam video monitor, you can view both children at the same time on the same screen. This means you can watch both kids napping or sleeping in the night at once. This means if one is playing while the other is napping, you can watch both at once.

This brings great peace of mind as you can easily monitor two children and two rooms at once.

bonoch baby monitor split screen design on display with two cameras

Non-WiFi Monitoring

This camera does not need WiFi or an app to work. That means it is hacker-proof! You simply connect the camera to the monitor and you are good to go. No one else can be tapping in and watching your children. It is local and only visible to you!

The design is still stable and able to cover a large area of 1000ft. It can go through walls and upstairs.

I also love that this means your connection will still work if your WiFi goes out (because mine goes out all the time).

23 Hours of Battery Life

The battery life of the display is ultra long at 23 hours in VOX mode (12 hours if not). This means you do not have to recharge constantly.

More Great Features

Here are some more great features of this baby video monitor:

  • 7-inch Screen with 720P Resolution: This means you can see really well, even when the screen is split.
  • 355 Degree Pan and 120 Degree Tilt: You are able to pan and see the entire room. This is super helpful with toddlers and older kiddos who can get out of bed, and also helpful if your child is playing independently in the room and you can to check on them and see what is going on.
  • 4x Zoom Function: With this, you can really zoom in there and see what is going on (including if your child’s chest is moving up and down–we all check!).
  • 2-Way Talking: I love this feature on a video monitor. You can hear your baby or child, and THEY can hear you if you choose to talk back. You can soothe them verbally and can let them know you will be there soon. You can also correct a toddler or preschooler who is trying to sneak out of bed when they shouldn’t.
  • Sound and Temperature Monitoring: This monitor will monitor room temperature. This is amazing for knowing if your little one might be too hot or cold. It is also amazing for tracking what temperature your little one is okay with and what is disruptive to their sleep.
  • Clear Night Vision: You will be able to see clearly even in total darkness.
bonoch baby monitor with night vision being shown on the display


This is a great tool to help you as you add more children to your family. If you are on your first baby, this is still a great one to get! You can set up the cameras in different spaces your baby uses and then utilize the second camera once you have a second child!

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