McKenna Baby Summary: Week 30

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30 week old McKenna on a hike

This is a summary for McKenna week 30.


Nursing is still going well.

Since I dropped the dreamfeed, I pump before I go to bed to store up milk. Yes, that is annoying :). But I don’t think it will be something I regret ever.


Sleeping is going well. She is sleeping through the night and napping well. Sometimes she woke up mid-nap, but after talking to herself for a while (about 15 minutes), she went back to sleep.


We didn’t start any new foods this week. She started to get a little rash, and I am wondering if it is because of Avocado. It just seems odd to me that she could be allergic to it, but I think she might be. I have taken her off of it to see if the rash stops returning. It was there, gone, there, and now gone. I am using lots of of Butt Paste at every diaper change 🙂


I did start a finger food. I just did a wagon wheel (by Gerber). It is basically a flavored toy for her 🙂

Read: Finger Foods Basics


I don’t know if McKenna was really dropping her third nap or not. She was doing about a one hour nap every other day (two hour the other days), but the last few days she is still asleep after two hours. I am wondering if the disrupted third nap was due to her developmental leap rather than being ready to drop the third nap.


I am continuing to move things back slowly before the time change, but I can’t change her much more than she is since it would conflict with the other children too much. I am also going to stop posting how much of each food she eats. I think too many people are worrying over it :):

8:20–wake, nurse, eat (prunes or peaches and oatmeal)
12:20–wake, nurse, eat (green veggie and applesauce. I was also doing avocado here, but have since stopped it. I will start again if the rash is attributed to something else)
4:30–wake, nurse, eat (orange/yellow veggie, bananas or pears)
7:50–wake, nurse, pjs, story, bed

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McKenna’s favorite books right now are pretty much any book. But she does especially love
Touch and Feel Books.


McKenna has a few favorite toys. One group is all of these toys in this Sassy Gift Set .



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  1. Very interesting about the possible rash to the avocado. I have been feeding my DD chunks of avocado all last week. She loves it! But suddenly, she developed a bad diaper rash. It would not heal with the Boudreau's and letting her air out. I took her to ped yesterday and was prescribed Nystatin for a yeast rash. I think I will stop avocado for awhile, especially since you said McKenna might have had a reaction as well. Too bad, avocado is so healthy. And high fat too which my DD needs since she is a small 9 month old – only 16 lbs.

  2. I'm looking at McKenna's wake times… is she really only awake for like 4.5 hours a day? I've been thinking I'm keeping my son up too long (about 2hrs each wake time). He's never been a good napper. Some days it will be 30 min, other days it will be 3 hours. He also still wakes about 3 times a night crying, but we've just had to let him cry himself back to sleep. Bedtime is about 7:45 and he wakes up around 7:15. Anyway, he's 28 weeks. What is the average total of sleep a baby this age should be getting? I think his naps and night sleep average to about 13-15 hours. THanks!

  3. Valerie, i have a question about wake up time for the morning……i notice on each of your baby summaries that McKenna wakes around 8 or 8:20 in the mornings. My son is 28 weeks. When i had the dream feed and just after i dropped it (around month 4) he went down around 7:30 or 8 and woke at 7:00. For the past 6 weeks or so, he's been consistently waking around 5:30 or 6. Some days he talks to himself and goes back to sleep, others he talks for an hour then cried to be gotten up. But it's like clock work. I rarely ever go in before 7;15. Do you have any suggestions? i've played with bedtime some, making it earlier and later….nothing changes the 6 am waketime. I realize BW says the healthy nighttime sleep is btw 10-12 hrs. Maybe he's on the lesser end of the spectrum. IF so, how do i stay true to the 4 hour schedule?? Thanks for all you do to help others implement BW and feel like we have a resource in you!

  4. Redheads, I know! I am sad that she can't do avacado. But, I never fed it to Brayden or Kaitlyn and they are both smart, so I am sure it will be fine 🙂

  5. Steven and Kristie, That is definitely a small amount for a baby that age. Some babies can handle longer waketimes than others. Brayden did 2 hours at 6 months just fine, but Kaitlyn and McKenna have both needed shorter waketimes at that age. See blog label "optimal waketime" for figuring that out. See also "sleep totals" for answers to how much sleep per age.

  6. Jessica,Brayden slept less time at night. I think (if I remember right) that we did the four hour with a fifth feeding right before bed. 5th was less than 4 hours, but it was okay.I suggest you see the post "5-8 month sleep disruptions" for a list on early waking in that age range.

  7. Hello! I am getting so confused by my little one's sleep habits. Right now, the first nap is 45 minutes to a T. I don't quite understand. He wakes happy and I have tried just letting him coo to fall back asleep, but instead he just talks til I get him up when it is time to feed. I don't know how we will ever get to a four hour schedule at this rate…let alone 3.5 hours. I have tried all sorts of wake time length from 65 minutes to 2 hours. It doesn't seem to make any difference. This is the only nap he does this at? However, it then crams the day instead of stretching it out. Help!

  8. Ericksons, it is hard to say with that info. I suggest you look over the 45 minute intruder posts as well as the naps: troublesooting post (the new one). You didn't say how old he is–I assume it was 30 weeks since you posted there? So about 32? You might want to see the 5-8 month sleep disruptions post, too.Some moms find that by moving to a 4 hour schedule, it fixes things. So you could try a 2 hour waketime and 2 hour naptime for a week or so and see if that fixes it.

  9. Hi there,I have a 7 month old little girl. She has yet to sleep through the night – partly due to some "undiagnosed" acid reflux in her early months, but now possibly due to poor eating habits?? My concern is with both her eating and sleeping habits, and I was hoping maybe I could glean some insight from this very helpful website. Below is an outline of her schedule. She wakes early because we wake early (both my husband and I work), but her wake times aren't always consistent, nor are her naps. Sometimes she'll nap for 2 hours, and sometimes for 45 min. Our schedule is usually around 3.5 hours, though there are times when it stretches to 4 hours, or goes back to 3 hours. I suppose I was hoping to see if this looks normal 9or as normal as 5:30-7:30 AM Wake/eat 6 oz. (depending on how well she has slept through the night)Sleep – usually within an hour after waking8:30-10:00 AM – Wake/Eat – 6 oz. plus 1 T. Oatmeal cereal and approx. 3-4 tsp. of fruit.Play10:00-10:30 Sleep12:00-1:30 PM Wake/Eat – 6 oz. PlaySleep -3:30-5:00 Wake/Eat – 6 oz. plus 1 T. rice cereal and approx.3-4 tsp. of a vegetable.PlayEat/sleep – 7:30-8:30 (6-8 oz.)Does my schedule look okay, or should I make some adjustments somewhere?I've tried feeding her more, but most times the food just goes to waste as my daughter just isn't a big eater. But I noticed that by the time your daughter was this age, she was eating baby food three meals a day – should I be doing this now too?When it comes to finger foods, what are some good/safe foods to give to my daughter to try? I have tried to give her little puffs, and she is more interested in playing with them rather than eating them.When my daughter wakes in the middle of the night – usually around 1:30-3:30am, we've tried to lay her down and walk away – but she just screams…is this where I let her CIO, or should I feed her? My husband is against both, and says it's just easier to put her in bed with us so we can calm her down and not start the habit of feeding her when she wakes in the middle of the night (but now we've got the habit of her being pulled into bed with us!) (side note: My daughter has hit some milestones early – sitting, crawling and pulling herself up all by 5 months – which lends itself to her getting right back up if we try to lay her down again when she wakes up, and then leads to her standing at the end of the crib screaming when we don't pick her up to hold her.)I'm going nuts, and am hoping that things start to normalize soon! Hopefully I haven't asked too many questions. A little direction as to where I might be able to find some answers to these questions is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for your time and for this GREAT website with VERY HELPFUL information.Michelle Z.

  10. Michelle, you want to be moving toward solids three times a day for sure. Then four liquid feedings per day. Three of the liquid will be a the same time as the solids.I suggest you get your morning start time consistent. That is one of the most important things for sleeping through the night. There is a post on starting the day. I think it is "what time should I start my day?"There is also a post "getting a consistent schedule."Her bedtime needs to be about 12 hours before she wakes up–no less than 10. So if sh gets up at 5:30, she should be in bed by 7:30 each night.For finger foods, see the blog label "finger foods"Of your three options of what to do in the night, taking her to bed with you would be the LAST thing I would do. That is a habit that is harder to break than feeding.I would work out your day before you focus on night. For now, I would just feed her when she wakes in the night. Once your days are consistent, I would then move on to night. In most cases, the night works itself out after the day is right.

  11. Hi! I'm leaving this comment for Michelle in hopes that she still watches this site. Her description of sleeping problems portrays very closely the sleeping problems I have experienced with Madeleine, my 27 week old. After many months of sleep problems and uncontrollable crying (unless I held her), she was diagnosed with acid reflux and has become a much more content and happy baby with the medicine. Now I'm trying to figure her out again. She does nap during the day, but it is inconsistent. Yesterday her second nap was 3 hours. Today her second nap was 45 minutes and her third nap was 2 hours. And some days she has three 45 minute naps. I am trying to sync up her long nap with her 2 yr old brother at 11am. Otherwise, I'll be home all day while one or the other child is napping.Anyways, since Madeleine began taking this acid reflux medicine, she started sleeping better at night. But she does wake up between 1:30 and 3:30. I've found that if I go in her room and turn on a lullaby CD, she'll fall back asleep and she doesn't even know I came in the room. BUT, I'm afraid this is becoming a sleep prop. Almost every time I let her cry it out at night, she will cry for upwards of an hour. I'm wondering if Michelle's child figured out how to sleep through the night and if you have any other suggestions for me!!Our schedule looks like this:6:15 am wakeup/feed/play8:00 – 8:45 nap (she normally wakes up on her own, but if not, I wake her up to take her to the gym)8:45 feed12 pm feed and nap (this can go long or short as I explained)3 pm feed (ideally)4:30 nap 6:30 feed and bedtimedream feed between 8-10Thanks!!

  12. Hi Susannah – sorry for not being able to reply until now. I just finished up the school year (well, one week ago),and am ready to devote some time to (hopefully) answer your questions in your post.First, to answer your question, yes, my daughter (Madeline!) has learned to sleep through the night. There is hope! As for her napping – now that she's on a good daily schedule – she naps very well as long as we are at home. She is down to 2 naps a day that last 2 hours each. If I'm going to run errands and I know it'll interfere with one of her naps, I make an effort to be home for the other.I STRONGLY believe that Madeline sleeping through the night and taking better naps have a lot to do with getting a consistent daily routine down like what was suggested by Val. (BTW – thank you very much Val for the reply to my post awhile back! It was a GREAT help to getting me on a good routine/schedule.)If your baby can take better naps during the day, then she may start sleeping better at night. It's possible that she's what some would say, "overly tired", and overly tired babies don't sleep well. Our daughter's uncontrollable crying, (that we think was due to acid reflux), has ended. We have stopped jumping out of bed when she murmurs a little bit – and wait to see if she goes back to sleep on her own – and often she does. If she wakes up in the middle of the night, which does occur every now and then, I've come to realize that she is purposefully trying to get someone to come and hold her – so she will "squak" a little, wait, and repeat her little cries – until she realizes that no one is coming, and then she falls back to sleep on her own. If she doesn't fall back to sleep on her own and starts wailing, I let her CIO for 20 minutes, then I go in and hold her and she falls asleep right away. One night, I was so glad that I went in to hold her because I could tell that she was not feeling well, (either teething pain or the start of an ear infection). That's another thing – I do hold/rock my daughter to sleep, (horrible, I know!), but it works for us and is now part of our bedtime routine.I will say, I have introduced some sleep props. For us, they have become very valuable! She sleeps with a pacifier – and she is old enough now that if she wakes up, she can find it in her crib and put it back in her mouth if it falls out, (again, horrible! And when it's time to wean her from this bad habit I'll wonder why I ever introduced it to her in the first place), but it works. She also has a couple of "furry friends" that she LOVES; a small teddy bear and a Huggy Buddy by Gund.As for crying-it-out, I've decided that if my baby is going to cry for longer than 20 minutes, then I need to go do something. However, a friend let her little boy CIO one night for over an hour, and he put himself to sleep – and the next night when she let him CIO, it lasted a little less than an hour, and so forth until he could put himself to sleep without CIO. He did not suffer from reflux though.I hope this helps! Take Care!MichellePS – my daughter is now 42 weeks!

  13. Hi Val, I have a quick question about my 30 week old. She is currently on a four hour schedule, with a dreamfeed at 10, so five feedings during the day. She is a happy, happy baby (not complaining!!), but this makes her waketimes a little hard to determine as she will stay happy for a long time. I currently have her waketimes set to 2 hours each. With this waketime she sleeps for an hour and a half. Her schedule is as follows:7:30 – wake, eat9:30 – nap11:00 – wake11:30 – eat1:00 – 1:30 – nap3:00 – wake3:30 – eat5:00 – nap5:45 – wake7:00 – eat7:30 – bed10:00 – dreamfeedAs you can see my problem is making it to the four hour mark with her 1.5 hour naps. Should I extend her waketime, cut her waketime down, or go ahead and feed her when she wakes? I feel like feeding her when she wakes from a 1.5 hour nap will cause her entire day to be off, which is obviously problematic at bedtime. I know babywise says 1.5 hour naps are ok, but I just can't get the math to work, and don't know if my little one should be up for more than two hours. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

  14. Jessica, most babies that age can't really go more than 2 hours waketime successfully. You can always try it and go back if it doesn't work, but it wouldn't be my first step.Her waiting 30 minutes before eating isn't a problem at all (see eat/wake/sleep cycle post). But you could also try cutting waketime back a bit and just see if she will sleep two hours.

  15. Val- Thanks for your blog, it’s helpful in so many ways! My 6.5 month old girl sleeps 8 to 7:30, and takes a 1.5ish hour nap around 9. She eats at 11, and I lay her down around 12:15-12:30. Her second nap is unpredictable- often only 50 minutes. Then she takes a predictably 45 minute nap around 4. My question is…if she wakes early (before 2 hours, which she almost always does for every nap), should I lay her down 1.5 hours after she wakes up, or wait until ‘naptime’ at 12:15? Then same thing for her third nap…wait 1.5 hours after she wakes up, or wait until ‘naptime’ at 4? She used to be a solid 1.5 hour nap-taker for each nap, but since 5 months that’s been different. I’m not worried about her third nap, I know she’ll drop that at some point anyways, but I’m hoping for a better second nap. Question to go along- do you find CIO helpful mid nap? It’s helped us in the past with going to sleep at nap and starting naps, but we’ve never implemented it mid-nap.

    • Hi Lauren,

      I am so glad the blog is helpful!

      If she wakes early, at her age, you probably need to go by waketime length and not a set nap time. You can read all about set nap times here:

      I would try having her second waketime longer. The first is often shorter than others. So assuming her first nap is usually 2 hours, leave that as is. Try the second waketime to be 1 hour 35 minutes. Work up by adding five minutes at a time until you find a good length. She might even need a 2 hour waketime length.

      Also, see this post for common reasons for poor sleep at this age:

      I never did cry it out mid nap, but many moms report it works really well. They usually don’t find it effective until 4 months old or older, but you are there! I would try to problem solve first, then if nothing seems to fix it, go to cry it out.

  16. Thank you so much! The set nap post answers a lot of my questions. I do have one follow up question, about feeding times when the baby wakes early. For example, she typically only sleeps from 9:00-10:30am, and my schedule is to feed her at 11:00. If I’m going by wake times and not set naps, should I go ahead and feed her right when she wakes up, or feed her in the middle of her wake time?


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