McKenna Baby Summary: Week 30

Schedule and routine for a 29-30 week old newborn baby. Get info on this baby’s daily schedule and routine for each day and know how to structure your baby’s day.

30 week old McKenna on a hike

This is a summary for McKenna week 30.


Nursing is still going well.

Since I dropped the dreamfeed, I pump before I go to bed to store up milk. Yes, that is annoying :). But I don’t think it will be something I regret ever.


Sleeping is going well. She is sleeping through the night and napping well. Sometimes she woke up mid-nap, but after talking to herself for a while (about 15 minutes), she went back to sleep.


We didn’t start any new foods this week. She started to get a little rash, and I am wondering if it is because of Avocado. It just seems odd to me that she could be allergic to it, but I think she might be. I have taken her off of it to see if the rash stops returning. It was there, gone, there, and now gone. I am using lots of of Butt Paste at every diaper change 🙂


I did start a finger food. I just did a wagon wheel (by Gerber). It is basically a flavored toy for her 🙂

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I don’t know if McKenna was really dropping her third nap or not. She was doing about a one hour nap every other day (two hour the other days), but the last few days she is still asleep after two hours. I am wondering if the disrupted third nap was due to her developmental leap rather than being ready to drop the third nap.


I am continuing to move things back slowly before the time change, but I can’t change her much more than she is since it would conflict with the other children too much. I am also going to stop posting how much of each food she eats. I think too many people are worrying over it :):

8:20–wake, nurse, eat (prunes or peaches and oatmeal)
12:20–wake, nurse, eat (green veggie and applesauce. I was also doing avocado here, but have since stopped it. I will start again if the rash is attributed to something else)
4:30–wake, nurse, eat (orange/yellow veggie, bananas or pears)
7:50–wake, nurse, pjs, story, bed

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McKenna’s favorite books right now are pretty much any book. But she does especially love
Touch and Feel Books.


McKenna has a few favorite toys. One group is all of these toys in this Sassy Gift Set .



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