Overcoming the Difficulties of Feeding Healthy Snacks to Kids

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Finger Foods Basics

Side Note: (side note to side note, isn’t it odd I am starting with a side note?). Back to side note. Somehow, as I planned this week, I happened to… View Post

Poll Results: What age did you first introduce finger foods?

6 months old (83 votes)   83 (30%)   7 months old (52 votes)   52 (19%)   8 months old (72 votes)   70 (26%)   9 months old… View Post

McKenna Baby Summary: Week 33

she loves her toes This week was quite smooth. McKenna figured out how to move out of corners in her crib, so that made all naps smooth again. NURSING We… View Post

McKenna Baby Summary: Week 30

Going hiking This is a summary for McKenna week 30. NURSING Nursing is still going well. Since I dropped the dreamfeed, I pump before I go to bed to store… View Post

Poll Results: What age did you start giving baby finger foods? (simple things like rice puffs, Cheerios, peas, etc)

Results: 6-7 months: 55 votes (33%) 7-8 months: 52 votes (31%) 8-9 months: 31 votes (19%) 9-10 months: 16 votes (10%) 10-11 months: 7 votes (4%) 11-12 months: 3 votes… View Post

Finger Foods for Babies

Finger foods for babies. Signs baby is ready for finger foods. Good first finger foods. How to help baby learn to eat finger foods. I have to say that eating… View Post