McKenna Baby Summary: Week 29

Schedule and routine for a 28-29 week old newborn baby. Get info on this baby’s daily schedule and routine for each day and know how to structure your baby’s day.

29 week old baby McKenna at the corn maze

This week was overall good, although we still had some difficulty from the developmental leaps again.


Nursing is still going well with no problems.


Nighttime sleep is still good. She woke up one morning at 7:30 on her own and one morning at 7:50 on her own. I actually really liked her schedule the way it lined up with the family when she woke at 7:30 better than when she wakes at 8:00. I might change her waketime, but if I do, I will wait until the time change.

29 week old baby schedule Pinnable Image


This week, I introduced McKenna to Applesauce and also Avocado. She likes applesauce. She also liked Avocado this time. You might remember we introduced it in the past and she was not a fan. This time, she really liked it. She didn’t make any funny faces when she had her first bite. She has only done that for bananas and pears, which are her two favorite foods.

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We dropped the dreamfeed this week. At the beginning of the week, I took it down to nursing from just one side, and I did the side that produces less. After a few days, I could tell it really was useless to continue the dreamfeed because the just wouldn’t eat. She would swallow when the letdown happened, but that was it. So I dropped it.

Yes, I cried! I love the dreamfeed. But it had to happen someday 🙂 I have decided to pump before I go to bed each night. I didn’t ever do that with Brayden and Kaitlyn, but I thought why not? That way I can build up some storage in the freezer if it is needed.


Her waketime length continued to stretch out a bit this week.


McKenna has started the process of dropping her third nap. She is taking the slow route. Some nights, she only sleeps one hour. Other nights, I wake her after two hours. This is a totally normal thing to do.

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This week, we had a family event 1.5 hours away. From 11:30 until 6:00ish, she only slept for 1 hour…quite the disruption for her. She was fine that day, though. The next day, however, she was not fine. The next day was church. She no longer naps at church, but is always fine. This day, however, she was already overly tired, so she was not happy at church. My husband had to work hard to get her to fall asleep. It just showed me that when she is well rested, she can handle disruptions well, but when she is already behind on her sleep, she can’t.

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29 Week Old SCHEDULE

8:15 AM–wake, nurse, eat 2-3 T prunes, 2 T peaches mixed with 4 T oatmeal
9:25 AM–nap (some days, she was up until 9:30, but her nap was disrupted. She would go back to sleep after talking for a few minutes, but that is unusual for her to wake and talk).
12:15 PM–wake, nurse, eat about 4 T green veggies and 4-8 T applesauce
2:00 PM–nap
4:30 PM–wake, nurse, eat about 2 T squash, 2 T carrots or sweet potatoes, 4 T bananas or pears. If she still seemed hungry, I would offer 1-2 T oatmeal
6:00-6:30 PM–nap
7:00-8:00 PM– wake
7:50-8:00 PM– eat, pjs, story, bed
10:00 PM– dreamfeed for half of the week

Babywise schedule week 29 Pinnable image