McKenna Baby Summary: Week 29

Schedule and routine for a 28-29 week old newborn baby. Get info on this baby’s daily schedule and routine for each day and know how to structure your baby’s day.

29 week old baby McKenna at the corn maze

This week was overall good, although we still had some difficulty from the developmental leaps again.


Nursing is still going well with no problems.


Nighttime sleep is still good. She woke up one morning at 7:30 on her own and one morning at 7:50 on her own. I actually really liked her schedule the way it lined up with the family when she woke at 7:30 better than when she wakes at 8:00. I might change her waketime, but if I do, I will wait until the time change.

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This week, I introduced McKenna to Applesauce and also Avocado. She likes applesauce. She also liked Avocado this time. You might remember we introduced it in the past and she was not a fan. This time, she really liked it. She didn’t make any funny faces when she had her first bite. She has only done that for bananas and pears, which are her two favorite foods.

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We dropped the dreamfeed this week. At the beginning of the week, I took it down to nursing from just one side, and I did the side that produces less. After a few days, I could tell it really was useless to continue the dreamfeed because the just wouldn’t eat. She would swallow when the letdown happened, but that was it. So I dropped it.

Yes, I cried! I love the dreamfeed. But it had to happen someday 🙂 I have decided to pump before I go to bed each night. I didn’t ever do that with Brayden and Kaitlyn, but I thought why not? That way I can build up some storage in the freezer if it is needed.


Her waketime length continued to stretch out a bit this week.


McKenna has started the process of dropping her third nap. She is taking the slow route. Some nights, she only sleeps one hour. Other nights, I wake her after two hours. This is a totally normal thing to do.

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This week, we had a family event 1.5 hours away. From 11:30 until 6:00ish, she only slept for 1 hour…quite the disruption for her. She was fine that day, though. The next day, however, she was not fine. The next day was church. She no longer naps at church, but is always fine. This day, however, she was already overly tired, so she was not happy at church. My husband had to work hard to get her to fall asleep. It just showed me that when she is well rested, she can handle disruptions well, but when she is already behind on her sleep, she can’t.

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29 Week Old SCHEDULE

8:15 AM–wake, nurse, eat 2-3 T prunes, 2 T peaches mixed with 4 T oatmeal
9:25 AM–nap (some days, she was up until 9:30, but her nap was disrupted. She would go back to sleep after talking for a few minutes, but that is unusual for her to wake and talk).
12:15 PM–wake, nurse, eat about 4 T green veggies and 4-8 T applesauce
2:00 PM–nap
4:30 PM–wake, nurse, eat about 2 T squash, 2 T carrots or sweet potatoes, 4 T bananas or pears. If she still seemed hungry, I would offer 1-2 T oatmeal
6:00-6:30 PM–nap
7:00-8:00 PM– wake
7:50-8:00 PM– eat, pjs, story, bed
10:00 PM– dreamfeed for half of the week

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14 thoughts on “McKenna Baby Summary: Week 29”

  1. Thank you for your Week 29 update! It is helpful, as my daughter is also 29 weeks. I am hoping your perspective and wisdom may be able to help me, as the last month has been rough for us. She was STTN great, until 6 mo. I immediately tried implementing the advice from 5-8 mo sleep disruptions, as well as teething (no teeth though). She continues to wake about twice each night, at random times. She does not eat much solids during the day (1-2 T 3x a day), and will usually only nurse one side if I give her solids before nursing. I have tried to increase her intake, but she refuses. She has trouble going past 3-3.5 hr schedule, and I am still dreamfeeding her, as she's not making it through the night. I tried eliminating this, and she woke even more times. She is waking early from naps, and has a very difficult time putting herself to sleep. She was GREAT at all of this a month ago though! If I can tell she's too wound up, I will put her in the swing and she will immediately sleep much longer than she does in her crib. In her crib, she will stand up and 'walk' along her railing, which I believe prevents her from calming down and falling alseep. She has lots of time to 'practice' standing at non-nap times though. Many times if she is upset, she will refuse to be put in the swing, arching her back. She will cry until it is time for her to eat, then nurse and finally sleep. I don't like getting in a habit of feeding her then putting her to sleep. I live in an apartment, so I feel very uncomfortable about letting her cry for long periods of time, especially at night. Our neighbors have made comments! 🙁 I feel as though I had a great rhythm and scheduled baby, and everything has gone out the window. Do you have any advice that may help? I greatly appreciate it!

  2. your website is very helpful to me and our six month old. I come here often to read here and there and always find a lot of good info. I used babywise for our first child but am surprised how much I had forgotten.thanks so much.

  3. My DD is 25 weeks and really does not reqire solids. I feed her cereal twice a day (2T) and she eats it but is often "done" about the time we finish. She is still only eating 24oz of formula a day so i'm hesitant to add solids too soon b/c she really NEEDS the formula as her main source of nutrition, right?Also, could you post on teething symptoms sometime?THANKS!Kelly

  4. hello! i am so happy to have found your website…it has tons of helpful information. so i have a couple of questions for you regarding my 3.5 week old son. from day one he had his days and nights confused. we spent the first 7-10 days with him sleeping all day and awake for various periods throughout the night. a three hour schedule helped reverse this and just this week he is doing better at night. the problem we are having though is that during the day, he needs/wants to be held all day long. my older son was not like this, so this is new to me. he (like mckenna from what i have read, is not much of a crier. he doesn't cry often, but he is very fussy if he is not being held). this becomes a problem when it is time to put him down for naps. i have since the beginning tried to do the 4 S's for getting him down for naps, but everytime i put him down drowsy but awake, his eyes pop open, he starts squirming and fussing and breaking out of his swaddle. i've tried leaving him in there and he screamed for 10 minutes before i finally went and got him and picked him up. if i do get him down, i will have to bounce him until his eyes are batting, then put him in his crib just a minute or two after they have shut. once asleep, he will only sleep for about an hour before he is back up again. he is fussy after this point so i know that he is not ready to be done with his nap yet, but since he will not fall asleep on his own, i have to hold him and we start the whole process over again. i'm trying to not give him a paci b/c he cannot hold it in his mouth for very long and i don't want to have to play the game where i put it back in a thousand times. any thoughts on what to do with a baby that does not go down when you follow the 4 S's. i am watching the clock and reading his sleep cues (he yawns a lot which is helpful). even if i do get him down with little effort, he is back up again in just an hour. which means it's too early to eat again. thanks for your help…just don't want to create bad problems i have to correct later. thanks.

  5. Rachel, I am definitely not as qualified as Valerie to comment on this, but I can tell you what happened to me. Around 4 months, I started having every problem you are experiencing. I tried adding solids, CIO, nurse before nap, everything, and finally I realized my milk supply was low. First I added a feeding, but it was too random and not working as well as I like. I then I fed him bottles all day (and pumped) as an experiment to see if getting him enough milk could help. After the 3rd day he was doing so much better. I was really bummed about supplementing, but after I saw how happy he was it was worth it! After about a month, we were back to a nice predictable schedule. I don't know if that is it for you but it is something to consider. Make sure you haven't dropped any feedings that you might still need. Good luck!

  6. Rachel,It could be the walking (see naps disruptions: rolling, standing, crawling, etc.)–I can't believe she was walking at that young! She is pretty young to be able to cognitively know to get down and go to sleep.My guess is it was a combo of the standing and her age. See "wonder weeks" blog label. Hopefully you are over this by now though!

  7. Kelly,If you do research on the topic of importance of solids at this age, you will find lots of conflicting info. Many will say that after six months, babies need more than milk. Some say milk is all that is necessary until twelve months (I think that is a bit extreme). As hard as it is, I would suggest you keep trying and keep offering foods. You might find something she has more interest in. Follow her pace; she won't let herself go hungry. Offer her formula first so you know she is getting her fluid intake. She will eat what she needs if you offer it to her.

  8. We've been doing BW since week 2 and have found it to work very well for our family and lifestyle. Your blog has been a great blessing to my husband and I. In the early weeks it was not uncommon for us to be searching through it at 3AM!! What a blessing you have been!I have a question about my 29 week old baby boy. We've been on a 3/3.5 hour schedule since the beginning but I'm certain he's ready to move to 4 hours because he'll won't take a full feed on a 3hr schedule. Here's the issue I'm not sure about – his wake and sleep times haven't changed much. This means he's waking up on the 3 (ish) hour mark but isn't hungry. Should I just let him get up and wait until the 4 hour mark to feed him? So he's be on a schedule that looks like this – Wake time, Feed time, Wake time, Sleep time. Is that going to mess up night time sleep? Am I over thinking this? Also, he's still taking 3 (and sometimes 4) naps a day. I'm not sure If I should be adjusting something to change this or just let him take the lead on this.

  9. Chrissi, For third nap info, see "dropping naps" blog label.As for the feeding, see the post "eat/wake/sleep" cycle. You can wait 30 minutes to feed after waking.If he won't eat at the 3.5 hour mark, try keeping him up an extra 30 minutes to see what happens so he can make it to four hours.

  10. Hi! Thank you for your site. As a first time mom using Babywise, this site has been MOST helpful!I have a 6 1/2 month old boy who is on a 3 1/2 to 4 hour schedule (7, 10:30, 2:30, 6) and I dreamfeed at 9:30pm. He has started to "catnap" the third nap on his own, and started solids 3 weeks ago. I would like to drop the dreamfeed, but am unsure of what to do. "Babywise II" suggests nursing moms need to have 5 nursing sessions per day to keep up their milk supply. They suggest feedings in the afternoon (my 2:30 I suppose) and at bedtime to keep up the 5 sessions. My son goes to bed at 7:30-8pm. Should I just work the dreamfeed back to bedtime, or just drop the dreamfeed all together due to his age and starting solids? I am concerned if I nurse him at bedtime he won't nurse well since it will only be 1 1/2 to 2 hours since his last feeding at 6pm. Also, he has been waking up at 6am, talking for 10 minutes, then usually going back to sleep for an additional 45 minutes instead of waking at 7am. All thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated! Thank you!


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