McKenna Baby Summary: Week 32

Schedule and routine for a 31-32 week old baby. Get info on this baby’s daily schedule and routine for each day and know how to structure your day.

32 week old McKenna


This week was good again, although McKenna is having a learning curve of figuring out how to move about her crib without getting wedged in a corner.

We are still nursing and everything is still going well.


The wind was taken from my sails with my bad milk experience last week. I just stopped pumping. So I have stopped doing it. If I decide I want to/need to in the future, I can start up again. For now, I just don’t want to have to go to the work that it might take to keep it fresh and good at 10:30 PM every night. I want to go to bed!


McKenna slept well all week except that every so often she wedges herself into a corner and just hasn’t quite figured out how to work her way out of it. I have decided at night I will put her in footed PJs instead of the sleep sack. I think it will be easier for her to move around in footed PJs than a sack.

McKenna now prefers sleeping on her tummy. Her only disruption with this is when she somehow works her way into a corner without being able to get back out yet.


Nothing new to report.


I gave McKenna some puffs this week. She did very well with them. She chewed and never gagged. Many babies do gag their first time or two. She just chewed them up and swallowed them. She is having a hard time getting them into her mouth, which I find amusing 🙂 It is fun to watch them learn these new skills.

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The cold is still here. I hate colds. This is what I do for her. I use Baby Vick’s. I will suction her nose once in the morning since it is so stuffed and once at night before bed so she can be as clear as can be, but that is it. I also use the saline drops in her nose if it is stuffy in the day. A great thing with babies is they sneeze a lot when they have colds, so if you can be there when the sneeze happens, you can use a rag to get the snot that shoots out. The joys of motherhood 😉

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McKenna did great with the time change. On day one, she was on her normal schedule. I did notice that she was tired often. This is likely a combination of the cold and the time change. The fall time change just throws people off. You have to expect that it will take time for your body to adjust to the new time.

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8:05 AM–wake, nurse, eat (prunes or peaches and oatmeal)
9:30 AM–nap
12:00 PM–wake, nurse, eat (green veggie and applesauce)
1:45ish PM–nap (sometimes this is at 2:00)
4:15 PM–wake, nurse, eat (yellow veggie and pears or bananas)
6:00 PM–nap
7:45ish PM–wake, nurse, PJs, story, bed

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10 thoughts on “McKenna Baby Summary: Week 32”

  1. I made my first food this week and offered my DD sweet potatos. I cant tell you how much i HATE cooking. But it was really easy to do the boil/peel/puree method! And she liked it 🙂 Anyways, my question was, when you put what you give Mckenna to eat, is it the same all week or do you vary more? For example, w/ lunch you put applesauce. is that EVERY day for lunch just for that week?Kelly

  2. Hi! When your daughter eats her dinner (after waking at 4:15pm), do you all eat at that time, or do you feed her alone? It's much easier to feed my baby alone, but I think she needs to eat when we eat (or at least be at the table in her high chair) because it takes us longer to eat and she needs to wait for us to finish before she gets out of her high chair, along with other reasons. Just wondering what you thought on this. Thanks.

  3. Love your blog and read it all the time. I've enjoyed reading the newborn summaries. My baby girl is just two months older than McKenna! Anyway, just wanted to tell you about this awesome nose aspirator that we found. It's called the NoseFrieda (I think it's Swedish). It's a tube attached to a straw like thing and you put the pointy end of the tube in the nostril and basically suck up on the straw. The snot comes out so quickly. There is a filter so you don't get the baby's snot in your mouth. It sounds absolutely disgusting I know. But it works so much better than the bulb aspirators. Here in Chicago we find the product at Merz Apothecary – they might have a website!

  4. Kelly, it is every day. Boring huh! But you have to remember that to a baby, everything is brand new and they don't tire of things quickly.Yesterday, I did start mixing foods together to get some variety going. I think she is ready for it. We did banans and apples together yesterday. Today I did apples and blueberries. Mixing can be a good way to get all of the colors of the rainbow in one day.

  5. Kim, She eats alone at that time.We do eat dinner early around here, so I have her practice finger foods while we all eat dinner. Then mom can eat with the family, too. I don't have baby eat her actual dinner at the same time as the family until she is old enough to be able to pretty much feed it to herself, which typically happens around one year.I find finger foods to be the perfect answer to having baby join you for a meal and still be able to eat the meal yourself 🙂

  6. Thanks Jaime! I will have to check that out. I was laughing so hard when I read your comment that my husband came asking what I was talking about. It really does sound disgusting! The things parents do for their children! lol

  7. I tried posting this already, but it didn't seem to work. Sorry if it appears twice.I have a 8 month old son and we are trying to drop his 3rd nap. It is going well, but I am having difficulty maintaining the sleep-eat-waketime routine while feeding him at reasonable times and spacing the naps out. He wakes each morning around 6:30am no matter how I play with the routine. He is happy in his crib so I leave him be until 7am, so our routine consistenly gets an earlier start than your sample routine. Here is our schedule as it stands now:7am wake, nurse, solids9am nap11ish wake, nurse, solids2pm nurse3ish nap5ish wake, nurse, solids6:45 dinner for us, finger foods for him7:30 bath, nurse, bedI try to separate the 2pm nursing from the nap so as not to create a sleep prop. And I try to push back the 3pm nap so he does not wake too early to eat since he is used to (and wants) being fed when he wakes. Also, if I move it up, I feel like I'll need to add the 3rd nap back in b/c he'll wake so early. Am I missing a simple solution? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

  8. We are having an issue with solids. William started out eating so well. He defintely loved sweet potatoes and carrots and then when I tried to throw some greens in there he shut his mouth tight. He will not eat anything green. I kept trying just a few bites each meal thinking he would eventually eat it but I have not had any luck. I have tried mixing it with the sweet pot. and carrot and that doesn't work either. Now he is refusing to eat any veggies. He will only eat apples, pears, prunes, and bananas. He started eating wagon wheels a few weeks ago and now he won't have anything to do with those either. What's going on? He was on an antibiotic for two weeks for an ear infection. We are done with that as of yesterday. Do you think that could have anything to do with his loss of appetite? He also has a little bit of a cold. He seems to be nursing just fine so I'm not worried that he is going to starve but I don't want a picky eater!Also, funny that you are going to put McKenna in footed pj's so she can move around the crib. William has started to sit up and now stand in his crib and I was thinking that if I put him in a sleep sack it would keep him from standing.

  9. Abby, at this age, you still pretty much want an EWS cycle. Also, it is okay if he still needs a third nap.I would: 7 eat9 nap11 eat1 nap3 eatPossible cat nap somewhere in here6:45 finger foods7:30 bed (with feeding and all that)

  10. Anna,I would just keep offering veggies at the beginning of each meal for a while and see if that helps things over time. See the post "picky eaters" for more on that.As for the PJs, she was moving around anyway, but getting stuck with the sleep sack. At least this way she can move around without getting into a painful position 🙂


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