McKenna Baby Summary: Week 33

Schedule and routine for a 32-33 week old baby. Get info on this baby’s daily schedule and routine for each day and know how to structure your day.

33 week old Baby McKenna

This week was quite smooth. McKenna figured out how to move out of corners in her crib, so that made all naps smooth again.


We are still nursing and things are still good.


McKenna figured out how to get out of the corner when she got in it in her crib. Like I mentioned last week, I thought I should move her from the sleep sack to footed pajamas. This is what did the trick. It was much easier for her to move in her PJs than in the sleep sack.


This week, I introduced blueberries. I just mixed it with the applesauce, and she liked it.

I also mixed apples and bananas this week. I figured she has been eating the same things for long enough that I would start to vary the menu some.

33 week old schedule and routine for baby Pinnable Image


I am really conservative when it comes to finger foods. Despite the fact that she shows promise with finger foods, I am nervous to do anything more than what dissolves.

In the past, blog readers have mentioned the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder. I thought this was a good thing for me to use to let McKenna “eat” some finger foods earlier than I would otherwise. So I ordered it off of Amazon. So far I like it! But I have only had it this week.


McKenna really started to show a lot more language comprehension this week. She tried to say “all done” and did say “mama,” though I am not sure mama meant me so much as it just came out 🙂 But the all done attempt was definitely legitimate.


Here is our schedule. It has shifted a bit.

8:05–wake, nurse, solids (prunes or peaches and oatmeal)
12:15–wake, nurse, solids (green veggie and red fruit–sometimes add purple fruit)
4:30–wake, nurse, solids (yellow veggie and white fruit)
6:00-6:30: nap
7:45ish: wake, nurse, PJs, story, bed