McKenna Baby Summary: Week 33

Schedule and routine for a 32-33 week old baby. Get info on this baby’s daily schedule and routine for each day and know how to structure your day.

33 week old Baby McKenna

This week was quite smooth. McKenna figured out how to move out of corners in her crib, so that made all naps smooth again.


We are still nursing and things are still good.


McKenna figured out how to get out of the corner when she got in it in her crib. Like I mentioned last week, I thought I should move her from the sleep sack to footed pajamas. This is what did the trick. It was much easier for her to move in her PJs than in the sleep sack.


This week, I introduced blueberries. I just mixed it with the applesauce, and she liked it.

I also mixed apples and bananas this week. I figured she has been eating the same things for long enough that I would start to vary the menu some.

33 week old schedule and routine for baby Pinnable Image


I am really conservative when it comes to finger foods. Despite the fact that she shows promise with finger foods, I am nervous to do anything more than what dissolves.

In the past, blog readers have mentioned the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder. I thought this was a good thing for me to use to let McKenna “eat” some finger foods earlier than I would otherwise. So I ordered it off of Amazon. So far I like it! But I have only had it this week.


McKenna really started to show a lot more language comprehension this week. She tried to say “all done” and did say “mama,” though I am not sure mama meant me so much as it just came out 🙂 But the all done attempt was definitely legitimate.


Here is our schedule. It has shifted a bit.

8:05–wake, nurse, solids (prunes or peaches and oatmeal)
12:15–wake, nurse, solids (green veggie and red fruit–sometimes add purple fruit)
4:30–wake, nurse, solids (yellow veggie and white fruit)
6:00-6:30: nap
7:45ish: wake, nurse, PJs, story, bed



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  1. I'd be curious to know McKenna's wake time activities. Do you have daily routine for these activities? How long and when is her independent play? Maybe you don't want to go into so much detail but I always enjoy getting new ideas for routine from other moms. Oh and I know McKenna skips her am nap each Sunday for church but do you have other regular disruptions (outings with the other kids, groceries, errands, etc?)? Thanks for all you do.

  2. Kelly,I have a plan for each waketime.Morning: bath and independent playtime. It is about 30 minutes (IP)Afternoon: time around siblings, then they go to rest time/naptime. She has blanket time while I work on crafts. Then we work on physical skills.Evening: finger food practice while we eat dinner. She spends time with Daddy and then we are just all together as a family.Final: Family prayer, pjs, story.As for disruptions, we have one day a week that is usually disrupted (the afternoon nap) when we get together with other moms/kids. I do errands in the evenings, so the last nap can get disrupted. That nap can get disrupted for parties and family activities.Most of my errands are actually now done by myself! It is amazing 🙂 We carpool for Brayden's preschool, and I drive once a week. My parents watch the girls while I drive. I do errands between drop off and pick up. It is amazing how much you can get done without three small children helping! lol

  3. Hi Valerie! I am in a bit of a pickle that I may have perpetuated. My son is 6 months old now. He hasn't really started solids due to the pediatricians recommendation and the fact he was growing so well on just breastmilk. He is 19.5 pounds! Around 4-5 months we started experiencing sleep problems, which I was totally prepped for. He would wake up in the late evening or early morning hours. I would feed him and put him right back down. His normal bedtime is 7-7:30. About a week ago he developed a terrible cough and now is all congested. He started waking up at 1ish instead of the other hours. I noticed when he would nurse that he would fart A LOT. And not only that, but they were rank smelling. 🙂 I don't know if that has to do with swallowing mucus, because it is not solid food. Since he is congested, I don't have the heart to let him CIO for the 1 am feeding. Should I a) let him CIO even though he is sick to avoid a habit? b) keep feeding him while he is sick until he is better and wait to see what happens? c) if he does continue to wake after he is better than let him CIO? Also have you ever noticed excessive gas in your kids while congested? He seems to want to nurse more frequently due to either that or his congestion. Any advice would be very much appreciated!Heather

  4. Hello. My son is now 32 weeks old and we are on a 4 hour schedule:7:30am wake/nurse9-11 nap11:15 nurse1-3 nap3 nurse4:30/5 catnap7 nurse7:30 bedProblem is, he's not taking his catnap like he used to and was waking early in the am…it seemed like he was getting too much sleep. But isn't that a long time to be up before bed? I've been trying to lengthen his waketimes but that sometimes backfires and then he's up even earlier from naps…and still won't catnap! Any suggestions? Or is this long waketime ok if he does allright?Thanks!Anne

  5. Anne, it is totally fine if he does fine. I would try keeping him up from 3-bed and if he is fine, just go with that!

  6. Hi,My little one is 10 mo and has been doing everything faster than normal. I have a couple of things I can't seem to wrap my head around and need your help. Malachi is on a 4hour schedule with 2 naps a day. He is awake by 7:30 and down for bed by 7:30 below is his most days routine.I think his feeding time are supposed to line up with our eating times but how and when? The breakfast and lunch times line up great but dinner is not until 5:30. Do I feed his bottle to him when he wakes up and the other food at dinner with our food? I'm trying to transition the baby food out. Which is my other question. How do you make sure they have a full feeding when you stop the baby food?I have given him scramble egg and toast one morning and he didn't eat it all maybe half. He was really cranky come about 9 o'clock. I think didn't get enough food to make it to 9:30 or 10. He normally stays up till 10 or at least 9:45. He had enough sleep the night before and everything else was same oh same oh. Maybe I'm not giving him enough time to eat everything? He does seem to want to stop before he is full because he is tired of chewing and feeding himself. He has never been very excited about food unless its in the morning or at night. After his bottle though he would not complain about not getting real food until he is whinny because he didn't get a full feeding. Now I'm rambling.How do I get him off baby food? How do I only feed him real food when we eat?7:30 wake up, 8oz. bottle 3T cereal half tub fruit9:30 or 10 nap11:30 or 12 wake up, 6oz. bottle whole tub of veggie whole tub of fruit2 nap4 wake up, 6oz. bottle 2T cereal, half tub veggie, half tub fruit5:30 is when we eat as a family he eats some of what we are having or little snacks7:15 bottle 8oz.7:30 bedThanks for your help. I love your blog and tell all my BW friends about you.

  7. Jules, he doesn't need to have dinner at the same time as you at this point–especially since your dinner is later in the day.See the "mealtime" index as well as the "pre-toddler" index and labels for great guidance on the food issue.I personally wouldn't force the off babyfood issue. Starting weaning right now is great, but don't expect it to happen fully until closer to 15-18 mnonths (some will earlier, but 15 months is average). Good luck!


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