Babywise is a Philosophy

by Jess Morgan
First time mom of 1 eight month old boy


I think I have typed and re-typed this story a hundred different times. I can’t seem to say all I want to say about how much I love Babywise! I think it boils down to the fact that it give me a plan for being a mom. As a former teacher especially, I love a schedule and a plan 🙂 I’ve only been doing this for eight months and I feel like I learn so much during every new stage. I love that Babywise is a philosophy more than it’s a “how-to” manual (though it’s that too) because I think it takes the research about what is really best for our babies and is flexible enough for me as a mom to adapt it to what I’m comfortable with. For instance, though we have a schedule, I don’t stress about it being down to the minute. I understand the why behind the decisions I make thanks to the -wise series which makes me more confident in those decisions. 


I don’t remember if it was in Babywise or not but one of our friends who is the father of five reminded us of this statement “You two (my husband and I) were a family before you had a baby.” Babywise makes that work. With a schedule, my husband knows what our son needs and when even though I’m the stay-at-home parent who is usually in charge of the day-to-day, it helps us be a team and gives us times to connect in the evenings.


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