Babywise Success Story

Here is a great success story from a mother of two.


I can only imagine what a different experience parenting might be without Babywise. I am so thankful to have had this resource in helping me care for the needs of my children. For my husband and I, parenting has been positive and enjoyable because we have felt equipped to guide and train our children every step of the way.
We began Babywise with both our kids from the very beginning. My daughter has been more difficult than my son, and our experience could have been so different if we didn’t know what to do. More often than not I had to wake my babies to feed them. They needed my guidance to eat often enough. I know it was successful because they have always been at the top of the chart for length and 50-75% for weight. I learned to watch my babies and read their cues. Instead of automatically feeding a crying baby, I learned to stop and assess the situation and then fulfill the determined need. If it was hunger, I fed my baby. If it was sleep, I guided in sleep. If it was pain, I searched for the cause. The eat/wake/sleep pattern helped in problem solving because I could eliminate some of those variables.

My children sleep well and with predictability, in general, and always independently. They are well-rested and happy. The comment we get most often is regarding their smiley and pleasant demeanor. They also notice my son’s good manners. I believe quality and quantity of sleep has contributed significantly to my children’s good behavior, happy demeanor and ability to learn quickly.

While sleep is a high priority, it is only the beginning of the benefits in the –wise series. Skills learned through independent and structured playtime have helped my children to focus on a task, understand boundaries, and play independently. The age-specific issues addressed in the other books of the series have been very helpful in proactive training. I could go into much greater detail on how the –wise books have helped with discipline and training. I can’t say enough good things! Our home is orderly and pleasant, and expectations are understood. My family is a success story!


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