15 months old- Babywise success story

This is a great overall look at the disposition of a child raised with the -wise series.


15 months old- Babywise success story

My daughter, Christianna, was born in April of 2009. My husband and I implemented babywise from day one, and immediately began to see the results right away with her sleeping through the night. Wow, she sleeps and sleeps GREAT, but with her now being 15 months old, we see the other added benefits that babywise have brought to our family.

We have the privilege of having my in-laws watch our daughter while we are at work. They were on board and have continued implementing babywise while they watch her. The only thing is that my daughter is not around many other children her age, but does attend church every week where she plays in the toddler room. Truly, that is the only time she is around other kids. Let me tell you, she is the most confident child in that room. She has no signs of separation anxiety and immediately runs into the room with no problems of mom and dad leaving. She waves to us at the window and loves being around other adults. She is confident that we will return to get her, and in the mean time she is having fun.

I have learned from babywise to remain calm while disciplining. Before I react, I think about why I am upset, what did Christianna do wrong, and how am I going to react. Just those five seconds of thinking has helped me become a better parent who does not raise my voice. We are empathetic to her feelings, giving her a big hug and kiss when she is upset, but still stay consistent with our discipline. Believe me, there have been those times where giving in would have been much easier, but then that one phrase pops up into my thoughts, ‘do as you mean to go’. We follow the ‘do as you mean to go’ philosophy and this has been a BIG help with discipline. The consistency has proven to be effective. When she disobeys, it only takes a firm look and a change in tone for her to straighten right back up. She is learning boundaries and logical consequences from her actions and how she reacts.

I apologize I do not have the reference in front of me, but I remember in Pretodderwise, Ezzo states to use the phrase ‘I love you” alone. Never attach the ‘I love you’ to something. Wow this really put a dent in my heart. I remember that reference EVERY single time I tell my daughter I love you. I hear parents all of the time telling their children that they love them, but the word ‘BUT’ is attached to the ending. I want the words “I love you” to be special to my daughter and mean something. I hope by following this principle my daughter will feel loved and cherished. I know she feels loved as she is always hugging us and giving us kisses. She shows affection to her baby dolls and to other children by trying to give them hugs.

She is always happy and very well behaved. She adapts well to different surroundings, which I again contribute to babywise. Manners are a big deal in our household, and Christianna is very polite and says/signs please and thank you. I don’t know what I would do without babywise or without your blog. I thank you for your dedication, time and effort for helping all of the parents out there trying to implement babywise.


Susan D. Hale

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