Let’s Ask Auntie Anne {Giveaway}

Today’s giveaway is brought to you in partnership with Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo. They are giving away the Let’s Ask Auntie Anne five book series. This series is different from their other parenting books. These books take on a narrative format with fictional characters. These characters turn to a wise, older woman, Auntie Anne, for parenting advice. The great thing is that Auntie Anne is not a fictional character, so the advice is sage and real.

The five books are:

  • How to Raise a Loving Child
  • How to Raise a Responsible Child
  • How to Raise a Secure Child
  • How to Raise a Trusting Child
  • How to Raise a Moral Child

As you can see, the topics are along the abstract line of thinking. Stories have a powerful way of teaching us (just think of how Jesus Christ taught–primarily through stories and parables). We can lay out facts, studies, and check-lists, but often stories are what reach our heart and help us really grasp a concept. That is a great thing about these books–they are an easy way to internalize the ideas behind each of these topics.


I also love that this series subtly teaches us the value in turning to those who have gone before us in parenting for advice. I love to sit and visit with older women and hear how they parented. They have a unique perspective and can see how things impacted their children as children, teenagers, adults, and parents. They understand the important things in life–what to sweat and what not to. There are always golden nuggets of wisdom in speaking with them.


Today you can enter to win a copy of the Let’s Ask Auntie Anne series!


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