Brayden Child Summary: 7.25

7.25 year old life and daily schedule. Learn about this child’s daily schedule and how to handle things that come up with seven year olds.

7 year old Brayden playing catcher

This summary is for Brayden, who is now just over 7 years old.

During this period, it was essentially only summertime.

In Brayden’s “old” age, he is just super helpful. He has always loved to help and be helpful, but he is old enough to really contribute. He really helped a great deal while I was pregnant. He would carry things I couldn’t carry, bend over to pick things up so I wouldn’t have to, offer to get things for the girls when they needed it…he just saw a great need and jumped right in there.

When Brinley was less than two weeks old, he commented, “Now that Brinley isn’t in your tummy, you can just run around so fast and do things again!” Children notice so much. I overheard a funny comment when Brinley was less than a week old. Kaitlyn talked about my tummy being smaller, and he said it was still pretty big 🙂 Aaahhh kids. 


There is nothing new or different with food.


Last time, I talked about him having some night terrors. He didn’t have any of that this summer. It seems to happen, like I said, when he is hot.

Spring is a time that happens because the weather warms and he no longer needs approximately ten blankets on his bed at a time. Once we convinced him to take it down to two blankets, no more night terrors.

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About half-way through this period, we moved Kaitlyn in with Brayden. They have zero issues with room-sharing. They both sleep deep enough that waking each other up isn’t an issue and they both want to sleep, so they are respectful of each other’s sleep. It just makes me wonder why I ever tried any other way….

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I have to share such a cute story from the beginning of this period. At the end of school, Brayden got Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. He ended up having to miss the last three days of school.

If you had to choose days to miss, the last days are great from an education perspective, but they are such fun days for kids. He was so sad he didn’t get to say his good-byes or have the end-of-school fun.

Brayden’s teacher was the best. We arranged to have him be able to give a good-bye. We drove to the school and parked right in front. His teacher brought the kids out. They all waved and yelled good-bye.

Brayden stayed in the car and told them good-bye. Then the teacher got all choked up and said every year, she does a raffle on the last day. The grand prize was a gumball machine. The students were all excited and hoping they would win.

When it came time for the raffle, a student suggested they give it to Brayden since he was sick and didn’t get to be at school. All of the students in the class agreed. So they all gave up their chance at it and gave it to him! Isn’t that so sweet!

It just speaks so well of the teacher and the environment she created at school, the great community I live in, and the sweet hearts of children.


With school out for the summer, I noticed something interesting. With school in session, Brayden doesn’t have a strong need for playing with friends. He does on occasion, but it definitely wouldn’t be something I called a need.

During the summer, however, I noticed that he needed to play with friends. BUT it couldn’t be too much. Too much friend play and he got a little too “wise in his own eyes” at home. Too little friend play and he got very bossy toward his sisters. 


This summer, Brayden played baseball for the first time. An interesting thing has happened with sports this spring/summer. He got to be terrified of the ball hitting him in the face. He got hit in the face during a soccer game, and at the moment he handled it well and kept playing, but games after that, he was very concerned of it happening again.

Then he got the same way with baseball–he became convinced the pitching machine would hit him even though it never hit anyone. Despite his logical side, he couldn’t overrule his fear. 


Brayden has reacted the same way to the baby as he has the other two babies that come along. He gets a little stressed. He isn’t jealous at all, but seems anxious.

We just make sure he has plenty of time spent with parents. We always have some parent/Brayden dates shortly after a baby comes along. Brayden has always been the type to like his routine, so any change to it can throw him off. He quickly adjusts to the new normal and does great.

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He is also stereotypically male in his desire for holding a newborn. He isn’t that interested. He will ask to every so often, but it isn’t even daily as compared to every moment Brinley is awake like the girls ask.

He gets very interested once the baby is interactive and playing–he loves to play–but he isn’t ga-ga over holding a little newborn. He also seems nervous he will hurt her. I find it interesting because it is so stereotypical. 


Here are the books he/we have been reading:


Our summer schedule was super relaxed. I mean, super. Knowing a baby was coming to change that and being pregnant, we just took things easy. He woke up when he woke up, and some days that was 9 AM! Seriously! First time in his life. Our pattern was usually this:

Wake up
Get ready
Independent Play
Learning Activity
More Play
Noon: Lunch
More Play
More Play
More Play

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  1. I LOVE the older kids summaries, so thanks so much! That is so interesting especially about the friends balance. Now that DD1 has started full-day kindergarten/school it will be interesting to see how that shakes out longterm. I am not thrilled that it is the first year for fullday…yesterday was the 1st day and a halfday and she was fine. Today she was a BEAR! She was in cmoplete meltdown mode in the parking lot when I picked her up and i'm not even sure whose kid it was!:) She never does this sort of thing and i'm sure a great impression on the others! Anyways am sure she was OT and OS but still. I expect there will be a couple of weeks to adjust. She was real mouthy and i was wondering if that could be the start of it already as she is now around other kids all day? How do you deal with the "wise in his eyes" issue? I mean she is school and not around us much in comparison but on the other hand I made her have some alone time to get control and also have the right heart to be around us. It's tough-i mean i am sure it's a big change for us but on the other hand it was out of control behaviour today. Anyways hope it passes soon! How did Kaitlyn do?? She has half-day so that's nice. I so wish we still did!


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