Brinley Child Summary: 7.25 Years Old

Find out what life is like for this 7 year 3 month old girl who was raised on Babywise. See her daily life, activities she is involved in, and her daily schedule.

Brinley at 7.25 years old

This is a summary for Brinley as she has turned 7.25 years old, which is seven years and 3 months old.

7 Year Old Girl Life


Eating is good. We don’t have anything out of the ordinary to report about her eating habits. 


Sleeping is great. Brinley is smooth with bedtime. 

I have started to set an alarm each morning that wakes her up with music. She loves to have an alarm–it makes her feel grown up. She also loves to wake up with a song playing.


Brinley is in second grade this year and loving it. You might remember that Brinley is very young in her grade as she has a late summer birthday. This still has not been an issue for her academically or socially. 

Brinley is in the highest reading group and her teacher has her help other kids with the math lessons because she catches on so quickly. She is also very well behaved in class and has many good friends. She loves school.


A huge milestone for Brinley is that she has started to wash her own hair when she showers. We had her work on it a few times with a parent watching and then let her move to washing her own hair. 

When our kids transition to washing their own hair, we typically will still wash it for them every once in a while to get a good scrub in there and make sure things are staying clean, but she is doing a great job so far. When I do her hair, it is clean and rinsed well. 

And that marks my last child being able to bathe herself. This was not a milestone I knew to look forward to. It is awesome! You should look forward to it.


Brinley has always been a very emotional person. Last month, I was making a “Parenting Gifted Kids” Pinterest board. When I did so, Pinterest showed me a bunch of pins for the board. Most of them were emotional gifted children.

Light bulb!

All of my other children have been identified as gifted and put in the gifted program, but none of them have had the emotional aspect of being gifted. I am quite certain this is why Brinley’s emotions are so incredibly intense. I am going to buy some books on the topic. 


As kids get older, you really come to see their personality better and better. One thing we are realizing about Brinley is how much of a perfectionist she is. She will often cut corners at practices so it looks like she is doing better than she is and she gets very upset if she gets caught having made a mistake at anything.

We are now needing to work to help her accept that mistakes are inevitable and be willing to face them and learn from them. And not just mistakes, but lack of perfection from the first try. 


Here are some photos from this time period.



Here is what Brinley participated in during this time period:

  • Competitive soccer: She went back and forth on whether or not she really liked this. 
  • Swim lessons: She started with a new teacher. It has been good to be able to have real lessons again.
  • Piano lessons: She moved to the same teacher McKenna has (she had Brayden in the past). Brayden was great, but it is usually a good idea to not take lessons from your family. I also figured with him entering high school, his schedule would be more limited.


Here is her typical schedule on a school day:

6:30 AM Wake up for family scriptures
6:50 AM Get ready for school (these morning routine cards make this process so smooth)
9:15 AM School starts
4:00 PM Home from school. She hasn’t had homework yet. Chores if needed and free time.
5:30 PM Dinner. Then family time until bed.
8:00 PM Start getting ready for bed.
8:30 PM Bedtime.

7.25 year old child schedule and routine


4 thoughts on “Brinley Child Summary: 7.25 Years Old”

  1. Thanks for sharing a little about Brinley’s daily life! She’s about the age of my Katie (my oldest and first BW baby). Katie is now 7.5 years. She, too, is a swimmer and swam in her first competitive meet yesterday, coming in FIRST PLACE in backstroke! She is also possibly gifted, but as we homeschool, she hasn’t been officially tested. However, she does seem to have at least some degree of the emotional sensitivities and excitabilities that some gifted children have. She reads easily on a 4th-5th grade level and is currently devouring “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” I started trying to read them to her, but she took the book, and in true Katie fashion, is finishing them on her own. The one downside is that she likes to read in her room at night, so I have to make it intentional to remind her to go to sleep. I’ve noticed every year that she appears to fight sleep the most in the fall but improves in the winter/spring/summer months. I need to ensure that I wake her up in the mornings for her to sleep earlier at night as she tends to be quite the night owl otherwise. But she is a very happy girl and extremely successful in all areas — thanks in part to good sound sleep habits that started when she was a baby. Contrary to what someone once told me, I did NOT neurologically damage my daughter by letting her cry-it-out as a baby. :). In fact, if anything, I feel like she and I are closer and better bonded because I have been a well-rested mother! 😀

    • Thanks for sharing all of that! And congrats to her on her swim meet! That is very exciting! I don’t mind when my kids take a book series over and finish it. I love getting them hooked in a good book 🙂

  2. Plz guide for the daily routine of a 6 years old (1st,grade) boy who has to be home schooled as per present pandamic corona situation.


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