Brinley Toddler Summary {19.5 Months Old}

19.5 month old toddler schedule and routine. Toddler schedule for 19-19.5 months old – get a toddler routine and learn about daily life. Learn about issues with screaming instead of talking, getting interested in potty training, and mimicking everything she sees.

Brinley playing on the trampoline with siblings

This is a summary for Brinley from 19-19.5 months old.


Sleep has been okay. The time change has definitely had an impact on her sleep. It has mine, too! She has had shorter naps. Night has been fine, but naps have been shorter than usual.


Eating is the same. She rarely ever drops food from the highchair intentionally anymore.


Playing is good–there is nothing noteworthy here.

She loves to be outside and loves to play with her siblings



Ooohhh. I do NOT enjoy high-pitched screaming. And who does? That is why babies do it! It gets a fast reaction. McKenna did this and it seemed to last forever (see Yelling/Screaming). I don’t remember how long it actually lasted, but it felt like forever. 

Whenever Brinley does it, I firmly tell her “That’s a no. Do not scream.” I try to be very non-affected by it other than just telling her not to do it. I have already seen some improvement, so that is very nice for me. See The Screaming Non-Verbal Baby/Toddler for more on stopping this.


Brinley had a while where everything was “yes” and then everything was “no” (both of which are normal and most kids seem to do this). She now has them correctly figured out as to when to say yes and when to say no.


As I mentioned yesterday, I recently directed a musical at our elementary school. It is the season for plays and musicals where we live. We went to a musical (Peter Pan) during this time. We just went…and she was not so good. She did not want to sit still. So my husband ended up out in the hall with her for a lot of it. We hadn’t brought anything to help keep her entertained–I figured the show would do that. But it isn’t like she watches TV, so I guess it was erroneous of me to figure she would be entertained by a show.

The next weekend was the show I directed. For the first night, my parents watched her so my husband could see one night of the show uninterrupted. The second night, my husband brought along snacks and books for her to look at. He almost just stayed home with her, but decided it wouldn’t hurt to try. He sat where he could easily and quickly leave if needed. She was great! She sat through the show and loved it.


Brinley likes to sit on the potty. She loves to watch people go potty and before or after baths, she always wants to sit on it. She hasn’t ever actually used the potty, but she is showing interest. 

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Brinley wants to do almost everything herself. She is becoming more and more independent. 

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Brinley also wants to do everything the same way as everyone else. Not too long ago, she was perfectly fine eating food with her fingers, but now she must have a spoon or fork. She wants to sit on chairs (not booster seats) at meal times. She tests bath water temperature the same way that I do. I love seeing little ones start to mimic those around them.


8:15–wake up. Eat breakfast (fruit, cereal, and milk)
Get ready. Clean with mom.
10:00 Independent Playtime
11:30 Play
12:00 Lunch
Play with McKenna
1:00–Nap starts
4:00-4:30–wake up. Snack. Play.
7:30–Sippy of milk, then bedtime. In bed by 8:00



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  1. Same thing over here with the time change! Short naps. I have had some longer ones lately though.Love the trampoline picture. Brinley's on her tummy. I bet that's how she stays with 3 big kids in there! My daughter is mimicking all the time too! I love it. Will you consider potty training before Brinley turns 2? My daughter is very interested too…..

    • Time change…we are back to good now but I find the whole thing very annoying. Trampoline–she is getting better at staying up, but it is hard when you are a toddler and have a proportionally large head 😉 she loves to be on by herself. Potty training–I wouldn't oppose it, and many people think you should do it before 2, but I don't love having a "potty trained" child who can't get on and off the potty alone and/or get pants up and down alone. I would rather change diapers 😉 so I won't push it before 2.

  2. Hi! I am not sure if this is the proper location for my question. My son is 21 months and we have really been struggling with his sleep or lack thereof. He didn't start sleeping through the night until he was about 15 months old and then he got his first ear infection and didn't sleep through the night for about 2 weeks and then he started to sleep through for about a week and he ended up getting another ear infection – and this has been the cycle for 6 months now. His last ear infection was about a month ago and he still is waking up at night. He goes to sleep around 8:30-9:00 pm and then he is either up at 12 (and sometimes a second time at 5am) or just once around 2-3pm. We have tried crying it out and nothing seems to be working. He only settles down when he hold him in our arms for a few minutes. My husband and I are totally sleep deprived and lost. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Here is his typical daily schedule:7-8 AM: Wake up (depending on how the night went; we wake him up by 8)Then, he drinks milk. He eats breakfast about an hour later.10:00 AM: We go to an activity or go outside if it's nice11:30-12: Lunch and then about 20 minutes later he drinks his milk from a sippy12:30-1: NAP (he usually takes his nap about 5.5 hrs after waking up in the morning; when he's up at night twice, I put him down earlier at about 5 hr waketime).3:00PM: Wake up3:30 -4 Snack, then outside6:00-6:30: Dinner7:30: Milk8:00 in bed

    • It could have been bad timing with ear infections and time change. He might need an earlier bedtime. I would try 7:45 and see if that improves things and even 7:30.

    • Have you thought about ear tubes? And have you read the post on ear infections? He will sleep better when he isn't fighting infections.

  3. My daughter is 18 months and finally really showing the signs to drop her am nap.. She usually wakes about 7 am and because of school for the olders etc i have to make nap time 1pm at earliest.. Eventually I'd like her to move it to 2 but assume it needs to start early when adjusting.. I am awaiting the long afternoon naps but right now I'm getting an hour maybe an hour and a half on a good day.. When she wakes after an hour sometimes she fusses but mostly just sits. I know this is not enough sleep for her age and need any advice! Her bed time is 715-730 osh.. Depending on how long the nap was.. Help a frustrated mama!

    • Denise–since you can't do it any earlier, I think you are going to have to wait it out. She is likely overly tired so she isn't napping well. Honestly if it were me, I would do a morning nap that is short–maybe 45-60 minutes. Then you could do an afternoon nap around 2-2:30–maybe even 3. Before too long, she will be able to stay up until 1 and then take a good nap. This is all assuming you have done one nap for a couple of weeks and things haven't gotten better.

  4. Hi Valerie,Thank you so much for your reply. We have tried putting him to bed earlier around 730 before but he just twists and turns and plays in bed until 9ish when he finally either falls asleep or becomes inconsolable and we have to go in and sit with him for a bit until he calms down and then goes to sleep. We have seen 2 pediatric ENTs. One told us to wait until next fall since flu season is over now and in the hopes that his ear structure may mature and the other ENT told us to get the surgery now – we decided to hold off on the surgery for now. I have read the 4 posts on your website relating to ear infections and we have been doing all of those suggestions. He's had antibiotics 5 times this year. The last time he had an ear infection we opted to just use warm compresses and garlic mullin oil and his ear infection luckily resolved on its own within 3 days. His still has fluid in his ears so I don't know if that's still bothering him by causing pressure in his jawline. His bed is lifted, etc. So I don't know what to try anymore to help him to sleep through the night other than just not going into his room at all during the night when he cries but I just can't do that b/c I'm worried he's in pain or uncomfortable b/c of his ears.

  5. Yes, we have been giving him motrin and tylenol interchangeably. And, have recently bought the natural calming Herb Pharm compound to give that if there's no fever, but it seems to knock him out right away but then he's up 5 hrs later!


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