Brinley Toddler Summary {23 Months Old}

This is a summary for Brinley from 22.5-23 months old.



Sleep was normal here.



Eating was also normal.



Playtime is going well. She really enjoys her independent play. She is also enjoying coloring, so that is a fun addition to the day. Once the kids are in school, I plan to start a more focused “preschool” type of thing with her. For now, it is more fun-based activities. 


A great thing about Brinley is when it is about time for Independent play to be over, she starts cleaning up her toys. Brayden was this way and I loved it! He would often just be finishing up cleaning when I walked in to get him. 



Brinley loves to get a laugh. She will do anything for a laugh. I can totally see the “baby comedian” in her. In the Birth Order Book, Leman talks about the baby of the family and how they typically are funny people who love to make people laugh, and she is so that! Here is a picture of her and one of her antics–wearing as many bows as can possibly fit on her head.





Brinley loves to follow me around in the garden while I pick things. She will sit and eat the peas or the raspberries–pretty much to the point that I don’t typically make it into the house with much. 



Brinley has gotten to be so good at the baseball games. At the first game, I left early because she was always trying to run away, run into the dug out and on the field, and throwing a fit with me trying to keep her still. But over the weeks, she has gotten used to it and the games are actually quite enjoyable!



Yes it is gone! I am so excited. That Aveeno Eczema Therapy cream is amazing. 



8:15 AM–Wake up/Breakfast

8:45 AM–Get ready

9:00 AM–Walk/Bike ride

9:30 AM–Outside Time

11:00 AM–Independent Playtime

12:00 Noon–Lunch

12:30 PM–Learning Activity

1:00 PM–Free Play

1:30 PM–Nap

5:00 PM–Free Playtime

5:30 PM–Dinner

6:00 PM–Family Time

7:30 PM–Get Ready for Bed

8:00 PM–Bedtime





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