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All About the Babywise Friendly Blog Network {BFBN}

In 2007, I started by blog in order to help parents with their Babywise questions. The internet was not a friendly place for Babywise inquiries and I wanted to be… View Post

Send Me Your Babywise Success Stories

We are coming up on one of my very favorite weeks of the year. It is the week when I post your Babywise success stories. The stories of how your… View Post

New Chronicles of a Babywise Mom Email List

I have finally done it. I have finally created a real email list! I have hesitated about it over time. Who wants another email to read? Who even reads emails… View Post

The Perfect Backyard Bench {Friday Finds}

  These are the best benches. BEST! This is a bench you can use a wide variety of locations. The deck, the patio, by the swing set so you have… View Post

Easy Paint Edger {Friday Finds}

Once upon a time, years ago, I was browsing Pinterest. I saw a pin for an item that helped you paint easier–without taping or having to have the steady hand.… View Post

4 Essential Oil Diffuser Perks {Friday Finds}

I love the smell of skunk. One whiff and it takes me right back to driving through Wyoming. Wyoming meant grandparents, family, and fun. Every time we made the trek… View Post

Great Bicycles You Can Buy From Amazon {Friday Finds}

I am a major online shopper. Big time. I don’t just go to the internet, randomly pick something, and purchase it. No. I get an idea of what I want.… View Post