Chronicles of a Babywise Mom Facebook Group

Chronicles of a Babywise Mom Facebook group. A community of Babywise moms helping each other be the best moms they can be.

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I have long had a Facebook page for this website. I love connecting on the page with you readers and sharing interesting, funny, and thought-provoking parenting topics with you there. It isn’t always the ideal place to hash out parenting issues, however. Sometimes you want to be able to talk out issues privately without anyone being able to see them.

And so I started a Chronicles Facebook group. This group has only been running a little over a week and I have already seen some GREAT interaction on it! It is a closed group, so only members of the group can see what is being discussed, but you can search to find the group. This is a great place to talk about all of your Babywise questions.

I would love to have you come join in! When you request, Facebook will ask you two simple

questions. This is a way for me to be sure real people are joining and not spammers or bots. Answer those questions and I will get you added ASAP!

You can ask a question any time, any day in this group. We are also trying out theme days, so a thread one day where we share sample schedules. A thread another day where we discuss teen issues. A thread another day hashing out sleep problems. We have everything from first-time moms who are still expecting to moms with old teenagers and beyond. There is a great group of wisdom and experience.

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