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4 Essential Oil Diffuser Perks {Friday Finds} 12 Last-Minute Gift Ideas {Friday Finds} BabyLit Board Books {Friday Finds} Beauty Products and Accessories {Friday Finds} Columbia Rain Jackets {Friday Finds} Easy… View Post

Spring Break 2017

Time for spring break at my house! We have a fun week ahead with everything from our house addition work to McKenna’s baptism. Follow me on Instagram to see what… View Post

Instapot {Friday Finds}

Last summer, the Instapot  (aff) went on a super deal one day on Amazon, and I rushed into purchasing one. I typically think about big purchases like that (yes, that… View Post

Columbia Rain Jackets {Friday Finds}

Despite the fact that I have sat through many-a-soccer game in the rain during my parenting years, I have never had a rain jacket until we were in Chicago and… View Post

Stainless Steel Tumbler {Friday Finds}

Stainless Steel Tumbler {Friday Finds} I feel so much better when I am drinking a lot of water each day. I aim for about 82 ounces a day, which is… View Post

Friday Finds: Mattress Protector

If you have a child, you really must use a mattress protector. Middle of the night puke-a-thon? The mattress protector is your friend. Wet the bed? Mattress protector to the… View Post

Resolutions Accountability

It has been just over a month since we made resolutions. Statically speaking, we should be basically failing these by now. However, I think a huge part of the reason… View Post