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How Too Many Freedoms Leads to Disobedience

You want your child to learn to make decisions and have freedom to do so, but allowing it at too young of an age will only lead to disobedience. When… View Post

Wise In Your Own Eyes Explained

How “wise in your own eyes” leads to conflict between you and your child. Understand what decision-making freedoms to allow your child to have. While our little ones are babies,… View Post

How to Teach Table Manners to Your Child

When I was in the dating pool, all it took was a meal for me to be able to quickly know if I could pursue the relationship any further or… View Post

Preparing for Music

I  love music. Love, love, love. I love many forms of music. Beyond listening, I love to sing. I am currently the choir director at my church and I just… View Post

Penmanship Preparation

Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. Writing, or penmanship, has long been part of the core things to learn in school. In our district today, not only are kindergartners writing letters and simple… View Post

Controlling the Environment for Preschoolers

Last month, I talked about  Controlling Environment for Toddlers. Today, I will be focusing on preschoolers. Even if you do not have a toddler, it would be a good idea… View Post

Getting Preschoolers Ready for Math

Dun, dun, dun. Math. Okay, not everyone shares the same dislike for math as I do. Whether you like doing math or not, it is a major, major part of… View Post