72 Hour Kit Free Printables

Free printable to help you keep track of what to pack in your 72 hour kit PLUS another free printable to put in your kits to help keep everyone safe.

It is that time of year that I like to remind us all to take a look at our emergency preparedness status. Today, I have two printables for you to use if you like. 

The first, pictured on the left above, is a sheet of a list of things to pack in your 72 hour kit. I left some blank space so you can add things if you have other ideas you want to add to the list. This list is for one person, so each person would need the items on the list. 

For little kids, we leave out a lot of things. To have it all would be super heavy for a little one to pack around. There are also items I don’t want a four year old to have, like a knife. These lists also do not include things like diapers, stuffed animals, crayons, etc. that you might want to pack for a child.

This entire list is really too big to fit everything into one kit. My husband and I split some things up, while still trying to make sure each of us has enough to get us through if we were separated. 

The second printable is a sheet for your emergency contact information. You will put the person’s name in the top blue bar. Under “Family Information,” you will put who is in the family–names of parents, spouse, children, etc. You also add a family picture. Under “Emergency Contact Information,” you will fill in your home address.

Then you will list contact phone numbers. Include spouse, parents, grandparents, friends, etc. who can be contacted in case of emergency. Be sure you have some long-distance phone numbers listed–they say long distance phone calls are the first to be restored in emergency situations. The “Personal Information” box is self-explanatory. The “Medical and Insurance Information” is also self-explanatory. Just fill it in and add a photo of the person. We have one of these in each person’s kit.

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