Chore Jar for Kids: Keep Kids on Track

A chore jar is a great way to help kids know what chores to do and keep them personally responsible for their chores.

When it comes to ways of organizing chores for your children, there is no one right or wrong way to do it. And there isn’t a best way to do it. In fact, I think a good idea is to mix things up. New ideas bring on novelty, and novelty makes things exciting. Work does not need to be boring to be effective :).

I have shared chore charts and chore cards with you. Next up is chore jars.

It is very simple. You put pictures of chores on cards and then put them in some sort of a jar. If you don’t have a jar, the dollar store sells jars.

Now for more details on the process.

First, pictures. How do you get the pictures and how do you get them on cards? And why pictures?

Well, why pictures is for the benefit of the child who cannot yet read. 

Where do you get the pictures? One of two ways. 

  1. One is you Google what you are looking for
  2. copy the picture
  3. paste it into Word
  4. type the name of the chore beneath it (this is for your benefit in case you forget–some things are not so obvious)
  5. then print it out. I printed mine on card stock. You could also laminate them if desired.

Another way is to 

  1. take pictures of the item in your house
  2. upload the picture to your computer
  3. put it into Word
  4. follow as above from step four.

 You could also just print the photo and write on the back.

You could use chore jars for your daily chores if you want to. I use it more at random. We have certain chores on certain days (for example, we clean the bathrooms on Thursday). But the chore jars are great for the random chore or if we are getting into a rut about the chores. 

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  1. Liked this post! As another idea, my sister uses her chore jar for discipline too for her older kids. For example, she puts the really crummy chores no one likes to do like dusting the blinds or cleaning the baseboards, etc. Then if discipline is required, they have to pull from the chore jar and do the chore. (a great way to get the cleaning done! Especially those that aren't as time sensitive!)


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