McKenna Preteen Summary: 8.75 Years Old

This is a summary for McKenna from 8.5-8.75 years old. 

McKenna Preteen Summary: 8.75 Years Old


McKenna is a great eater. Eating has never been a issue with her. When I think about that, I think of small mercies we get as parents, because I think every child has at least that one thing that is a challenge to deal with as a parent, but then there will be very easy things about that child. Sleep and eating have always been easy and fantastic with McKenna.


So on that line, sleep is great. No issues. 


School is going great for McKenna. Now that I am on my third child in third grade, I can easily say I think third grade is such a golden age. All of my kids loved their third grade experience so far. I just think this age group is kind of in a an easy time of the growing years, so things go well. I have determined if I were to teach school, third grade would be at the top of my list for ages I would want to teach. 

McKenna has a new girl in her class this year who can be a little difficult at times. I suspect the girl is either highly gifted or on the spectrum or perhaps both. This girl does not understand social skills. One day at dinner, we were just talking in general about being kind to others and making sure you include people who may be lonely. 

McKenna is a strong-willed soul. That has its definite challenges in parenting. McKenna has been my hardest child overall in the discipline department. However, when you have a strong-willed child who is focused on the right path, life can be very easy as a parent. McKenna can be very black and white. Her teacher has had all three of my older children so far, and she commented that McKenna follows the rules perfectly–even better than Brayden and Kaitlyn did. This blows me away, because at home, she is my hardest. 

Anyway, when I talked about including everyone, McKenna basically internalized, “There is a girl at school who needs a friend. Mom says to include everyone. I will include her.” McKenna’s friends are all very sweet with very sweet mothers. I have no doubt that when McKenna said to her friends, “Let’s invite this girl to play with us so she has friends,” the voices of these mothers were in her friends’ heads because they have no doubt taught their girls the same thing. So it was easy to do. 

I am so proud of her and who she is. Her strong-willed nature can be hard at times as a parent, but I have always tried to keep my focus on the fact that if her heart is good and her desires are right, it will serve her well, so that is where I focused. I hope she stays on this path, and I will do what I can to help her do so. 

I hope that gives any of you out there struggling with the strong-willed toddler some hope for the future. 


Along that note, McKenna’s teacher chose her as the “Leader In Me” recipient for her class in December. Those are always happy payout moments. 


McKenna is playing competitive soccer and that was in full force during this time period. She has a great little team with fun girls. She is also taking a musical theater class that she is enjoying. She is learning all about singing, acting, auditioning, moving, etc. She also has piano lessons. She also played basketball during this time.


Here is her school schedule

6:45–wake up and run (prepping for a mile run for school)

shower/get ready/eat/practice piano/scriptures/prayers



activities/family time/dinner

7:00–start getting ready for bed

8 or 8:30–in bed


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