December Date Accountability Report

A year ago, Nate and I set a goal to be consistent with our one-on-one dates with the kids. Each month, I reported to you all on the dates to help keep up our accountability for this goal. We have made it our year! Wahoo! We sometimes had to push dates into the next month to make them happen, but we made it work. It has been fun to see how the kids gravitate toward certain things when they get to have a lot of say over what is done. I will continue to update the Dates tab with our date activites monthly so you can have a variety of ideas to choose from as you do dates, but I won’t be doing specific blog posts on them anymore (unless I hear a great uproar of objection from you all). On to our December date report.

Brayden, age 10

Brayden and I were together this month. I forgot to take a photo with Brayden. We went shopping for some decor for his freshly re-painted room. He found this fun at first, but he soon got very “male” about the shopping experience and was DONE. We wrapped that up and went out to dinner, which was much more to his liking.

Kaitlyn, age 8

Kaitlyn and I were together this month. We went to see a musical performance of A Christmas Carol. This was a lot of fun. Kaitlyn absolutely loved it. Before we went to the show, we read A Christmas Carol book together. It was a fun experience and we decided it should be a family tradition to go see that musical each December.

McKenna, age 6

McKenna and Nate went ice skating together. McKenna loves to ice skate. We have a fun outdoor rink here when it is cold enough (and hovering around 0 is certainly cold enough). This works well because this time of year it is hard to get into the indoor rink with hockey and figure skating going on.

Brinley, age 3

Brinley and Nate went out for treats. Brinley loves anything you call a date. She also really enjoys leaving the house, so Nate took her one evening when she had been home for two days without leaving and so just exiting the house was a big thrill for her.

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