Getting Stuff Done–Stop Fighting Yourself!


When it comes to being productive, there are many, many little things you can do to help yourself be as productive as you can be. Get enough rest. Eat well. Drink enough water. Exercise so you have energy. Make a list. Have a plan. Prioritize. Focus on one thing at a time. There is much more to be added.


There is something I don’t think is often included in advice and yet is crucial. If you want to be productive, you have to stop fighting yourself to get things done.


The next time you are doing something you dread, just take note of yourself. Are you holding back and moving slower? Are you in your head thinking about how you can’t wait until this dreaded toilet cleaning is done so you can move on to something more enjoyable? Are you fighting yourself internally and externally to move forward? Part of yourself is telling you to do it while part just wants to walk away?


If you want to get more done and be more productive, you have to stop fighting yourself. You have to push that part of you that is holding you back out of the way and just move forward with your full momentum. 


I know that can be easier said than done–trust me, I fight myself frequently. But when you do manage to push that part of you that is holding you back to the side and just move forward with your full energy, you get so much more done. So it just makes more sense to just get out of your own way and do it. The more you fight, the slower you will be, and the longer the dreaded stuff will take. 


You know when your kids are dreading doing a task and you say, “Let’s see how fast you can get that done! I will time you!” or “Let’s see if you can get your shoes on before I count to twenty!” (if you don’t do things like that, try it. It works). You can do the same for yourself. When you buckle down and put your full effort in and go as fast as you can, the dreaded thing can be done and over with rather quickly. 


So move on over, let yourself just do it and get things done. 


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