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I love trying things out for my kitchen. I am not quite to the point of having a special tool for every single vegetable I might ever want to do something with in my kitchen, but I still love my kitchen products. Most of these products are pretty cheap even, so I can’t recommend them enough! This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission. 


Blendtec Blender


This is not an inexpensive item by any stretch of the imagination, but it is so very worth it. We have always had a cheap $10 blender our whole lives, but a couple of years ago we decided we wanted a real blender. You know I did my research. I asked around and got so many opinions my head was spinning. In the end, I was deciding between a Ninja, Blendtec, and a Vitamix. I have friends who own all of those, so I borrowed them all to see what I liked and didn’t like about each one.


The Ninja quite honestly just didn’t compare at all to the other two. That was quickly off the table. It was nicer than my cheapo blender, but it did not compete with the other two. 


The Vitamix vs. Blendtec question is a complex one and one I see quite often on social media among my friends. There are YouTube videos comparing the two. In the end I decided that it seemed people who owned a Vitamix loved the Vitamix and people who owned a Blendtec loved the Blendtec. In other words, you can’t go wrong with either one.


What sold me on the Blendtec is the presets. If I want to make a smoothie, I hit “smoothie” and the machine changes the speed and goes the amount of time needed for a smoothie. I would most definitely stop it before it was the right time to stop. So the Blendtec works well for me.

Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper


We bought this just a couple of months ago. We didn’t like the one we had (a Stir Crazy–which most people who have really love it. I think we just got a lemon). I had my eye on this Stovetop one for years. It isn’t even that expensive, but sometimes I take a lot of years to make simple decisions. The poplite was close to half the price of the stovetop and it rated so well that I finally took the plunge and tried it out (I know, I can be a bit, um, dramatic when it comes to buying things). We have loved this. Seriously it is fantastic. Cheap. Popcorn done in two minutes. It pops almost ever kernel. I really couldn’t ask for more. 


Silicone Oven Mitts Heat Resistant Pot Holders Soft Quilted Liner


Last late April, I was thinking up ideas for a Mother’s Day gift for my mom and my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law had been talking about how she always burns her arm getting stuff from the oven because she just uses the square hotpads to get things out. But even though I buy my pot holders from our local kitchen store that is quite a spendy place, my pot holders just let the heat creep through to my fingers. No good. So I decided to look into silicone. I found these. I decided to get some for my mom, and hey, why not me while I was at it. I LOVE them! They are silcone but they are quilted inside. They don’t let heat touch my little fingers. They also wipe off easily, so no more stained pot holders. They are also the same price I have been spending on ones that don’t work well. So all around, a win.


RSVP Herb Scissors

If you use fresh herbs, this is ten dollars worth spent. These scissors make it much faster to chop those herbs up into your recipe. These particular herb scissors are great because of the cover that goes over the blades. The cover doubles as a tool to help get the herbs that inevitably get stuck in the scissors out of the scissors and into your recipe. 


Update International SuperSteel Stainless Steel Stock Pot


This is another item that is not cheap, but worth it. I spent over a year analyzing different stock pots and pondering which one to get. I know, I know, I can tend to overthink things. But I like to make smart purchases because I don’t want to waste my money or waste space in my kitchen. I also do not get rid of things unless they have been run into the ground, so I need to love it. This is the stock pot I went with in the end and I love it! They have different sizes of the same brand. I used this for many things, including canning and preserving food. For me, that is the most impressive use because you are cooking for so long at a time when doing that. It is a fantastic pot.


Polder Digital In-Oven Thermometer/Timer

This is a  handy tool if you either make your own yogurt or cook meat (especially pork). I am sure there are other handy uses I don’t know about. I mostly use this for yogurt, but it has come in very handy when baking pork. For some reason, I have several recipes that say the pork loin will cook WAY faster than it actually does. We would be eating some questionable meat if not for this. 


Microplane Classic Zester/Grater

If you zest, this is a fantastic zester. If you don’t zest, you really should. Recipes with zest are amazing. 

RSVP Shuck Deluxe Corn Stripper

This is really only handy if you need to strip a lot of corn cobs. We bought this last year because we were canning corn last year. It was a LIFE SAVER! It is, however, a little hard to use. My husband did it all and thinks it would potentially be to hard for me to use–at least with certain cobs. 


They do make other corn strippers that would be more handy for stripping just a couple of cobs. You might find yourself doing this for a younger toddler or for a young child with loose front teeth. But knives also work for stripping corn so I am not sure I would buy a little corn stripper. 


Anti Fatigue Mat by Sky Mats

This is another thing I thought about buying for years before I finally did. We love it! This really makes a difference. If you spend a lot of time standing in the kitchen on hard floors and you are over the age of 30, this will be beneficial to you. Something I like about this particular one is that it is very easy to clean. I saw some with designs that looked like it might be hard to clean it easily. We put this in front of our sink, so it is a really messy spot. It just wipes easily with a wash cloth.


Okay out with it! I want to know what some of your favorite kitchen products are. What gadgets do you have that are worth it?

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  1. I have a pot holder 'pocket' my husband's grandma made me. It's basically like two potholders sewn together except one corner. It's so nice to pop in muffins from the freezer, reheat biscuits, warm tortillas, or let potatoes from the microwave finish cooking and it keeps it warm on the table!I also love my can opener. It cuts a smooth top, no sharp corners for my kids to cut themselves on when helping! I have a pampered chef one, but I know other brands make them now too.

  2. Thanks for sharing those! That reminds me that my husband never owned an electric can opener until we were married–he didn't know they existed. I consider it an essential kitchen item! So funny how different people are.


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