How to childproof your electrical outlets and devices

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a baby brings so much joy and light into your life. As infants, all they want
is to snuggle into your loving arms. However, these children will learn to
crawl, walk, run and climb – making it more difficult to keep them safe.
Childproofing your electrical outlets and devices will help ease your mind
knowing your child is safe from these electrical disasters.

some reason, babies are drawn to outlets like a magnet. They will try sticking
their fingers, toys and pretty much anything they can get their hands on into
these hazardous outlets. Thankfully, there are some great products out there
that can prevent your child from hurting themselves.

Outlet Caps – Individual
outlet caps can be a quick fix. These little caps are the most affordable
solution to the outlet problem. All you have to do is simply place the outlet
caps, into the outlet. Your child will have a difficult time trying to remove
these little buggers from the wall. When you need to use the outlet, remember
to keep the outlet cap out of reach from your child.

Outlet Cover – Similar to the
outlet cap, an electrical outlet cover can be purchased to prevent your child
from getting hurt. An electrical outlet cover replaces your regular outlet and
is safely attached with a screw. The spring activated cover prevents your child
from having any access to the outlet. To plug in an appliance, place prongs
into slots, slide and push.

Adapter plug
cover –

Does your child like making the lights in your home go on and off by plugging
and unplugging the cord to your lamp? Babies may seem a little mischievous at
times but they really are only curious. You can prevent your child from
unplugging devices by using an adapter plug cover. Merely feed the cord through
the cover, plug the cord in and attach the cover to the wall. No more dark
rooms in your house!

Plug Locks – To keep your
child from plugging in devices and potentially injuring themselves, plug locks
can be an easy fix. A plug lock is used by plugging the device into the lock
and removing the key. The plug lock can only be removed with a key.

Power Strip

– You might be wondering what to do about your power strip that has all your
important devices plugged into it. Don’t you worry – there is a device for that
as well. A power strip cover will do the same as an adapter plug cover – all of
your devices will remain plugged in and your baby will be safe.

Long cord
solution –

Long cords can be very dangerous and a disaster waiting to happen. Keep your
child safe from tripping on these long cords and shorten them. There are
devices that can be purchased for this, or you can coil up the excess cord and
place a zip tie around it.

forget to inspect your outlets for discoloration and burns, this could mean
there is faulty wiring near the switch and is dangerous. If you suspect there
is something wrong with your wiring, seek professional assistance immediately.

an expectant mother you are busy buying clothes, dippers, a stroller and many
other baby necessities to prepare for your little one. Even new mothers are
wrapped up with their new bundle of joy and coping with the work that goes with
it. Although you might not want to think about it, your baby will leave your
arms someday. Take the precautions and be confident knowing your child will be
safe from electrical dangers.

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