How to Organize Your Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning is a chore that never ends. It seems like you can never be done where you feel like there isn’t another list in the back of your head of things that could be cleaned (hi, blinds). You have to figure out what works for you, your standards, and your time available. Here are some ideas of ways to organize your cleaning.

1-Have a 10 Minute Cleaning Every Day

This is an age-old tip, and there is a reason for that! Give yourself ten minutes to get as much picking up as you can. You can get a surprising amount done in ten minutes, and it is easy to focus for only ten minutes. This is also helpful to do at the end of the day after the kids have gone to bed. You can look at all there is to do and feel exhausted and overwhelmed. Dedicate ten minutes to it and you will be waking up to things much cleaner!

2-Decide on a Weekly Cleaning Schedule

There are all sorts of ways to set up your cleaning schedule, and I have done many of them. Honestly different ways work better at different points in my life. My personal favorite way is to do all of the main cleaning in one day each week. That is my cleaning day. I like everything to feel clean all at once.

That hasn’t always been feasible, however. There were a lot of years when I had to do some each day. Those were the years when my children were younger. I just couldn’t focus on cleaning for a whole day, so I had to have a job each day of the week. One day was dusting. One day was bathrooms. One day was floors. So find what works for you right now in your season and go with that. It is okay if things change and even if they change often.

3-Make a Plan for Deep Cleaning

Not everything is done every week. Have a list and a game plan for when you will do things like clean the blinds, moldings, curtains, washing machine, etc. You can do some each week, some each month, or have 2-4 times a year you have a big cleaning day that hits those things.

4-Add Your Children Where You Can

In the young years, having your child have jobs absolutely makes cleaning take longer. For sure. I promise, promise, promise that it is 100% worth that effort. I promise. As your children get older, you have less time to clean and they make bigger messes. You need their help if you want to do more than clean up behind people. There are of course many benefits to your child for learning to clean and contributing to the home, but for now, I am talking about your time and how it is spent. For more on this, see:

5-Find Inspiration on Pinterest

There are a lot of fun printables on Pinterest for cleaning. I have a lot of ideas pinned on my cleaning board if you want a place to start.

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