I love Babywise because…

Here is another story from a mom on why she loves Babywise!


I love Babywise and it worked for me because it gave me confidence as a first time mom. I was extremely anxious when my son was born (I think I had postpartum in the form of anxiety) and so getting on a schedule made me focus on a method of parenting instead of always worrying about things (why is he crying, what am I doing wrong?, etc). Also, I didn’t start Babywise until my son was 3 months because I hadn’t heard about Babywise yet. So, up until 3 months, my husband and I didn’t have time to ourselves at night. Once we started putting him down at 7:30 without having to rock, we had a life again. So, to sum it up, Babywise made me more confident as a mom, helped my anxiety, and gave my husband and I a life. Oh, and one more thing, I was able to know when I could fit in exercise (during morning nap time) and that was key for my mood. –On a side note, all the rest of my mom friends who don’t follow a schedule have cranky kids that have meltdowns.

Ellyn Toneys,

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