Why do I LOVE Babywise?

I love this story from this mother of three. The story of her first child is almost identical to my own (other than the STTN at 9 weeks…that would have been awesome). Check it out!


Over the course of the last five years, we’ve been blessed with three beautiful and healthy children. It was no surprise when our first baby was brought into our world: like most moms I thought I would just ‘wing-it’. After six weeks of no consistency in my day, no game plan, and a bleak glimmer of hope that I would ever sleep again, I thought that there had to be a better way! In fact, people went on to have more than one child, so I knew there had to be a secret that I wasn’t aware of! My baby photographer told me that it WAS possible for an infant as young as eight weeks to sleep through the night and referred me onto Babywise! I was floored and went on my mission to find the Babywise series. What an absolute blessing! I read the entire book in a day and implemented the necessary changes immediately!

My baby was reformed, mom and dad had a sense of ease and even the dog was less stressed! We had HOPE and the plan started working! My newborn was sleeping through the night by nine weeks. Bliss!
Sleep is a big part in the first few months of baby’s life and mommy’s life with a new one, but what I appreciate most about Babywise is the routine. Even adults strive on routine. Think of your morning routine and if something disrupts that, the rest of your day can go downhill quickly! This just made so much sense to me and my baby thrived and excelled! During my pregnancy of my first child, there was so much emphasis on labor and delivery! I was lucky to only encounter six hours of labor and delivery, but the real work began the moment when I left that hospital room! This was now a life-time, not just a six hours event! I was perturbed that not more information was given in our prenatal classes on how to strive a newborn on a routine! I was upset that Babywise was never introduced…This would have made life so much easier in the first few weeks!!! I recommend Babywise to all new moms who are pregnant, as I wished someone had done the same for me.
I have raised all my three children on Babywise and would not do it without it! It has given me peace of mind, more confidence, more time with other children, and a very happy and easy-going baby!
To this day, I have three children under five years old and they still follow a routine and everyone comments on how ‘good’ my kids are! They are not cranked up on hyper-tiredness, nor do they have a lack of focus! I think that Babywise has given me that advantage to having well balanced children just because they’ve never had to feel that fear or anxiety or not being heard. Because Babywise teaches you the differences and as a mother, I had the confidence to meet my baby’s needs at the right time! Even as babies, they where relaxed because I think they just knew that their mother and father knew what they where doing and didn’t have to stress if they where tired, hungry, bored, etc. We acted upon the baby/child’s needs.
Babywise has given us the courage to be proactive parents and the series has already been put into my daughter’s treasure box for the day that she might have her own babies and would need a little insight. A blessing in our family and one that will always be treasured. I can say with a smile on my face that I truly loved raising my babies in a stress free environment! Thank-you.
Krystale Tyliakos

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