Honest L’ANGE Hair Products Review


L’ANGE Hair Products Review. The best L’ANGE products. Honest review about the L’ANGE hair products. Do they work? Are they effective?

L'ange Hair Product Review

It is amazing what a good hair product can do for your hair-do. Hair products can do a lot to protect your hair, boost it up, and calm it down. In this post, I am discussing my favorite products from L’ANGE. If you would like to know how to choose the best curling wand size and material for you, see my post on choosing the perfect curling wand.

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Grand Debut Root Booster

I will start with my very favorite product–the Grand Debut Root Booster. This helps your hair not be flat. I love it no matter how I style it–with a curling wand, natural curl, or straightened.

Grand Debut Root Booster

Rival Heat Shield

My next favorite is the Rival Heat Shield. It is great for protecting your hair against heat. You don’t necessarily see the results immediately, but I like to keep my hair healthy so this is a must-own for me.

Rival Heat Shield

Sorbet Botanical Smoothing Balm

This is a leave-in conditioner. This is great for cutting frizz. I apply this to my ends every day no matter the hair-do. The botanical smoothing balm helps keep frizz down and helps keep my hair looking healthy.

Sorbet Botanical Smoothing Balm

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Whip Volumizing Mousse

My next most-used item is the mousse. I like to use it on my hair to hold curl instead of hairspray. My hair is fine, so extra product just weighs it down so I like this better than hairspray. It keeps the hair nice and light without crunch. I must say, I have used other mousse from the drug store that works just as well, so this wouldn’t be a must-own for me.

Whip Volumizing Mousse

Manage Marula Oil Hydrating Mist

I use this every time I do my hair straight. It is very smoothing and moisturizing. It doesn’t take very many sprays to get it all over your hair, so it lasts forever.

Manage Marula Oil Hydrating Mist

L'ange hair products review pinnable image

Salt+Sea Texturizing Spray

This is something I use when I do my hair naturally curly. A lot of people like to use it to add a more textured look to the curling wand look. I don’t love it with my hair for a curling wand, again, because I like as little as possible on my hair, but a lot of people with fine hair swear by it. They say it helps hair look thicker and hold better. I love the Sea Texturizing Spray for natural curl.

Salt+Sea Texturizing Spray

Deja Vu Dry Shampoo

Before I tried this shampoo, I hated dry shampoo. This one is fantastic. I have very dry hair, so I don’t have a lot of need for dry shampoo, but if I am doing a third day hair (washed it two days ago), this is very helpful to help hair look better. It isn’t all white and heavy. It doesn’t leave your hair feeling coated in grossness. It looks like you just washed it. I love it for Kaitlyn’s hair on a second-day hair. She has more oily hair, so this is fantastic for her.

Deja Vu Dry Shampoo

Satin Nectar Nourishing Gloss

This is another product to control frizz. I find the use very similar as the Sorbet. I think this is better to use on second or third day hair. The Sorbet is best on freshly washed hair. So I will use this on second or third-day hair. But I think you can easily get by with either this or the Sorbet. I use the Sorbet more often.

Satin Nectar Nourishing Gloss

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L’ANGE also has other products I haven’t yet tried. They have a detangler, hairsprays, shampoos, conditioners, a shine spray, hair lotion, hair masque, gel mousse, towel, and even products for men. Keep reading for a review of the hair tools I have.

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L'ange hair products review pinnable image

L’ANGE Hair Tools

The hair products are awesome. The hair tools are equally as awesome! Here are the tools I have.

Curling Wand

Lustre L'ANGE curling wand

I borrowed other curling wands from friends before deciding to take the plunge and try out a wand from L’ANGE. I LOVE their wands.

I have the Ondule curling wand and the Lustre curling wand from L’ANGE. I have titanium and ceramic. I have some posts to help you decide what wand to get:

Flat Iron

Le Reve flat iron from L'ANGE

I have the Le Reve flat iron in titanium. My flat iron I had for a decade broke one day, so I decided to give the L’ANGE flat iron a try. I had many of their products and tools and had loved everything so far. The flat iron is great! What I love about the Le Reve is that I can adjust the heat setting to the best temperature for my hair.

This has infrared technology to help prevent damage to your hair, also.

Le Vite Straightening Brush

Le Vite Brush from L'ange

This is my new favorite tool and my go-to daily tool. It straightens my naturally curly hair easily and leaves it with some texture. I use it

Hair Dryer

L'ANGE Blow dryer

I have the Triomphe hairdryer from L’ANGE. It advertises that it reduces frizz, and it really delivers! I see it in my hair and in my girls’ hair. I have natural curl in my hair, so it can really be frizzy when I blow dry it straight, but with this, my hair is actually smooth! It also reduces the little flyaway hairs that stick up on top of your head.

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L'ANGE Hair Products Review. The best L'ANGE products. Honest review about the L'ANGE hair tools. Do they work? Are they effective?

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