Love Language: Why Be Multi-Lingual?



The authors of The Five Love Language of Children really encourage parents to speak all five love languages to their children even if they know the child’s individual love language.


Why is this?


“We teach our children to love others with all of the love languages” (page 106). Okay, so if we are multi-lingual, it will teach our children to be multi-lingual.


Why do we want them to be multi-lingual?


“Thus, we will be helping them as they grow to become sensitive to the needs of others” (page 106). So if our children are able to be multi-lingual, they will be able to be sensitive to the needs of others. That sounds like something I want my children to be able to do. I can see this helping in friendships and family dynamics. Later down the road, this will be helpful in a marriage and helpful when they are parents themselves. And this would extend further; if they had this great love for others, they would be great contributors to society, doing much volunteer work.


Communication is vital in all areas of life. It is continually a highly ranked skill in the work force. It is invaluable in a marriage. It is essential as a parent.


This might mean you have some work ahead of you. You probably have at least one category you are not a natural at. How are you with physical touch? What about words of affirmation? How are you at spending time with people? Having conversations? Do you make gifts special? How do you offer your acts of service? With a smile?


Look through the posts on these topics and see where you can make improvements. Set small goals and focus on one language at a time. You will have benefits all around. You will become a better communicator with family, friends, children, and best of all spouse, and you will thus show your children by example how to be a communicator in these ways.


Next time, we will explore some ways for you to identify your child’s primary love language. It is important to know the primary even if you are adept at speaking all five. Why? That will be discussed next time 🙂


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1 thought on “Love Language: Why Be Multi-Lingual?”

  1. There is such truth in communication being vital. We not only communicate in what we say but in how know the other person will receive the message. Through our love languages we can know how the other person will perceive,receive and understand what we are communicating. What better time then now with our children to teach them this!


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