Speaking All Five Love Languages

Speaking All Five Love Languages. Why you should work to speak all five love languages to your child no matter what their love language is. 

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The Five Love Languages of Children encourages parents to speak all five love languages even if parents are sure they know a child’s primary love language. Why is that? There are a few reasons.

1-Your child will learn to show love in all five languages

Just think of how valuable this will be. If your child is adept at showing love in all five languages, think of what a great friend your child will be. Think of what a great parent your child will someday. And most of all, think of what a great spouse your child will be someday.

You will have taught your child who to show love to others in every way, thus helping him know how to fill the love tanks of all of those around them.

2-Your child will learn to understand and recognize all five love languages

I think one of the most frustrating things in a marriage is when one person shows love in one way and the other person doesn’t recognize that as love. If your child is able to recognize love in all five forms, your child will be much happier in friendships, work relationships, parenthood, and marriage.

3-It takes years to recognize what your child’s primary love language is

Your child’s primary love language cannot be deciphered until the age of five, and even then, it can take a lot of time to really know what it is. If you think your child’s love language is Words of Affirmation while it is really Quality Time and you go around focusing on Words of Affirmation for years, you will have a child who is slightly insecure in your love.


So why bother even finding out primary love language if you need to speak all five? Because in certain moments, your child’s primary love language will be of utmost importance. It will be the most effective way to show your child you love him. It will go straight to his heart.

Work to learn your child’s primary love language, but also be sure to show your child all five love languages. An added bonus is as you do so, you will be better at showing and receiving all five love languages, thus enhancing all of your relationships!

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