How to Teach Your Child to Love Others

I am not one of those people who thinks children are inherently “bad.” I actually believe children are inherently good. They have numerous qualities that we adults frankly should strive… View Post

Love Round-Up

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Self-Worth Comes Vertically, not Horizontally

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Helping Siblings Like Each Other

As my children grow older, I worry less about things like sleep and eating and more about bigger issue things like morals and relationships. Sleep and eating are not less… View Post

The How and Why of Knowing Our Children’s Love Languages

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Meeting Needs of Each Child

A big concern parents have as they add children to their family is “how will I give my children all the time they need?” I know a lot of people… View Post

Love and Logic Magic: Strong Dose of Empathy

image source Let’s take a moment to imagine something. Imagine you are a child–let’s say four years old. You just got a soccer ball for your birthday. Your mom explained… View Post