The How and Why of Knowing Our Children’s Love Languages

For our Babywise Friendly Blog Network Pinterest Day this month, we wanted to do something around the idea of love. The obvious choice seemed to be Love Languages. I have… View Post

How Do I Love Thee?

image source How does a child love–what drives a child’s display of love and affection? In The Five Love Languages of Children, Chapman and Campbell say that while adults strive… View Post

The “D” Word

Discipline is about love. That might not be a believable statement, but it is true. Discipline is about teaching your child how to behave. It is about helping your child… View Post

Identifying Primary Love Language

The 5 Love Languages of Children includes a section on identifying your child’s primary love language. Remember that a child’s primary love language cannot be identified until the child is at… View Post

Speaking All Five Love Languages

The Five Love Languages of Children encourages parents to speak all five love languages even if parents are sure they know a child’s primary love language. Why is that? There… View Post

Love Language: Why Be Multi-Lingual?

The authors of The Five Love Language of Children really encourage parents to speak all five love languages to their children even if they know the child’s individual love language.… View Post

Love Language: Acts of Service

The final love language discussed in the Five Love Languages of Children by Chapman and Campbell is acts of service. On the surface, acts of service seems simple and straightforward.… View Post