Marriage, Technology, Social Media, and Loyalty

Marriage, Technology, Social Media, and Loyalty. The importance of using caution to stay loyal to our spouse when using social media.


I always find technology changes to be fascinating in our modern world. The technology available to us each day is completely new and hasn’t been faced in the past. We are the pioneers forging the way and figuring out what is appropriate and what isn’t with social media and technology.

It used to be suggested that the computer be put in a high traffic area in the home so that whatever was being done or viewed by the user could easily be seen by the family. The idea was to keep honest people honest.

Then our personal devices came along. We now have handheld devices and can carry the Internet around in our pockets. That means that we can easily access sites, images, and people that we frankly shouldn’t and we can do so privately and without anyone ever finding out.


We must make the character trait of loyalty be who we are. We must be “fiercely loyal” to our spouse. If we are loyal, we will be worthy in our social media and technology uses. We need to be transparent in our uses of our technological devices. I read an article on what makes marriages happy, and the topic of being transparent and loyal was discussed as one of the ingredients to a happy marriage. Here are some modern ways to keep the honest honest.

  • Keep your internet use transparent. Don’t do anything on the Internet that you would feel the need to hide it.
  • Know each other’s passwords. If your spouse knows your password, you will be less likely to be doing anything you shouldn’t be doing. Some spouses even share things Facebook accounts and email addresses.
  • Share information. Share with your spouse what you talk about, who you talk to, and what is going on with those you interact with virtually.
  • Leave the past alone. It isn’t a good idea to go looking into all of the info on past boyfriends or girlfriends–even if you think all you are doing is seeing how good you have it now. Don’t do anything that you would not do in front of your spouse. Some people make rules to not be friends with exes.
  • Keep trust. Don’t share things your spouse wouldn’t want shared. Don’t air your dirty laundry to the public. Don’t share things your spouse doesn’t want shared.
  • Don’t flirt with anyone other than your spouse. Flirting virtually is not any better than flirting face to face.
  • Don’t look at things you shouldn’t look at.

Marriage, Technology, Social Media, and Loyalty. The importance of using caution to stay loyal to our spouse when using social media. 

These are some ways you can use maintain loyalty while still using technology and social media. Discuss with your spouse what rules you two want to have in place. What do you do to keep yourself loyal to your spouse while using technology and social media?

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