McKenna Summary: 8.25 Years Old

This is a summary for McKenna from 8-8.25 years old.

McKenna Summary: 8.25 Years Old


Eating is the same as always. McKenna eats well. 


Sleep is good. She still needs a lot of sleep. I would guess she will be that way for life. 


Some of this period was during the school year. School was great! 


McKenna had dance going on. She loves to dance and loves to perform on stage. She played rec soccer. She had piano lessons. 

McKenna was on the swim team, but wanted to play competitive soccer. We only allow one competitive team at a time (unless the seasons don’t overlap, but swimming is year round). So she had to decide. She went with soccer. She has been practicing with a competitive team. Their season will start in the Fall. 

This summer, she did a rock climbing camp. Rock climbing is one of her very favorite activities and ever since it ended, she has been talking about wanting to do another one.

As I looked over Kaitlyn’s summary for this age, I was reminded that Kaitlyn had some friend drama going on already at this age. I am so glad that McKenna thus far has not had drama with friends. Her friends bicker at times, but there isn’t any manipulation or anything. I am so glad to avoid that issue for a while longer!

McKenna loves to be active. She always wants to be moving and using her muscles. She also loves reading. Nancy Clancy (affiliate link) is a favorite book series right now. She loves to play board games, and she often plays Sleeping Queens (affiliate link) with Brinley. 


Here is her summer schedule:

Wake up, eat breakfast, get ready.

Outside time.

Chore time.

12:00 lunch


Free time.

5:00 dinner. Then time with family.

8:30 in bed

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4 thoughts on “McKenna Summary: 8.25 Years Old”

  1. I am curious as to what McKenna and your older kids do during outside time. I imagine it must be harder to keep children entertained the older they get.?? And when they are inside do they still play with toys?I also know you do chores with kids during the summer. How long does that usually take with older children? They can do more right? And do you do different types of chores in the summer compared to when schools in or are they the same? Blog post maybe!!?ThanksJerusha

    • Hi Jerusha,They more easily entertain themselves the older they get. They jump on the trampoline, swing, play sports, draw with sidewalk chalk, play imaginary games, play on the monkey bars…Brayden and Kaitlyn don't really play with toys inside. Brayden builds LEGO creations. That is about it. He will also play board games inside. Kaitlyn is pretty much the same. She mostly likes to do art when indoors. McKenna and Brinley still play with toys inside. Yes, older children can do more chores. How long they take depends on the child. Friday is our big chore day, and Brayden can do all of his in an hour or less. McKenna can easily take four hours to do less because she is easily distracted. If she focuses, she can get them all done in an hour.

    • Oh and chores summer vs. school year, yes that would be a good blog post! There are differences. They do more to help with the laundry in the summer since they are home all day. They help with the garden in the summer more. I don't have them do as many chores in the school year. But there also aren't as many chores to do since they aren't home making messes!


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