Brinley Preteen Summary: 8.25 Years Old

Daily life and schedule for this 8 year, 3 month old girl who was raised on Babywise. See her daily life, activities she is involved in, and her daily schedule.

8 year old Brinley at her baptism

This is a summary for Brinley from 8 years old until 8 years, 3 months old.


Eating has gone well. There is nothing exciting or interesting happening with her eating.


Sleep has been great. Last time, I talked about some difficulties she as facing with sleep just before she turned 8.

This has been common with most if not all of my kids at that age.

But just as with the others, after she turned 8, things went back to great at bedtime.

We are super, super consistent with her bedtime. She is all on board with that and will remind us if it gets past her bedtime.


A big event for Brinley during this time was her baptism. In our church, children are baptized at age 8 if they choose to do so.

She loved the day. It was very small and low-key with all of the restrictions, but it was honestly our favorite baptism day of all of our kids. The focus was on the ordinance rather than on all of the other stuff.


Her anxiety has been non-existent since she went back to school. She is loving school and can’t get enough.

Our cats continue to be a huge source of comfort for Brinley. She is in charge of their care almost exclusively, and that really helps give her some sense of care.


Of all of my children, Brinley was the most adamant that she would go back to school and was not interested in homeschooling.

She absolutely loves going to school.

Her teacher is new to our state and is from Florida. The other day, Brinley asked me, “What does ‘y’all’ mean?”

I told her it was a contraction for “you all”.

Her teacher had told the class, “Y’all did so well on your test!” but she didn’t know who “y’all” was. HAHA! So cute.

She has no complaints about school. Nothing can get her down. She doesn’t mind wearing a mask all day. She loves learning and loves seeing her friends each day.

Brinley also super loves super consistency, so school is such a great thing for her life. This is a difficult personality trait to have as a youngest child.

Most if not all children thrive off of consistency, but some are more flexible than others.

She is less flexible with her routine being disrupted. Let’s face it, youngest kids get disrupted a lot!

So school is a real blessing for her since she can have super consistent days.


One “concern” I have with Brinley is her love for graphic novels.

My major is in English, so I can be a bit of a ‘literature snob’. I know it.

I love the book Read Aloud Handbook, and in it, author Jim Trelease talks about the importance of letting kids read what they enjoy to read. In the book, he references comic books.

None of my other three children have had interest in anything other than books.

But graphic novels really surged in popularity right around the time Brinley was becoming an independent reader. They continue to grow with popular series creating graphic novel versions (like Wings of Fire and Babysitters Club, for example).

At the time she started to read them, reading the books was at or above her reading level.

BUT they are now very much below her reading level. Like, at least 400 points below her Lexile range.

So she and I made a goal for her to read a book that is in her ideal reading level range. She can still read graphic novels for fun, but she needs to also read books that are on level for her.


Our school teaches the 7 habits of happy kids Leader in Me program. I love this program.

One of the habits they have talked about this year is being proactive.

This isn’t the first year our school has done it, so Brinley has heard it all before, but she really took to heart being proactive this last time.

She and her friends started a proactive club and she has consistently been very proactive at home for a couple of months. It has been amazing! She is very intentional about it.


Since it is 2020, there isn’t a lot going on. But she was able to do soccer. She was able to have practices regularly and have a full season of games.

She was also able to do piano lessons.


Here is what a typical daily schedule looks like for her:

6:40 AM–Wake up and family scriptures
7:00 AM–Get ready for school. This includes piano practice
8:30 AM–Go to school
3:00 PM–Get home from school. Homework and free time
5:30 PM–Dinner. Then time with family
8:30 PM–Bedtime

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