McKenna Teen Summary: 15 Years Old

Daily life and schedule for a 15 year old teen girl. Learn about common concerns that come up with the teenage group. This covers 14.75 years old through 15 years old. Read about sleep for teens, school life, piano, soccer, and books for teens.

McKenna on her 15th birthday standing next to her dad

This is a summary for McKenna from 14.75 years old to 15 years old.


Sleep is good! She likes to stay up later at night, but of course she has to get up in the morning for school. So she has to go to bed earlier than she would naturally just want to do.

McKenna loves sleep and will take a nap if she gets a chance. She almost always takes a nap every Sunday. She also sleeps in as late as she can in the morning so she can get as much sleep as possible.


School is good. She has lots of friends and gets along well with people. She has been commenting that her days are boring. She needs more challenge in her days, but as a Freshman, she has little to no opportunity for that. So I think it will be good to be able to take more challenging classes in the future. She rarely if ever has homework or has to study at home.

She got a couple of awards last month. She was the student of the month and then also got a principal’s award. She said she didn’t understand why she got it because she just goes to school and does what she is supposed to do. But a comment from one of her teachers was that she always works hard and that she is kind to everyone and willing to help anyone who needs help.


I mentioned last time that she gets frustrated because she isn’t as good as Brayden and Kaitlyn are right now.

Nate and I decided to record her practicing one day. Then one week later when she was frustrated, we played her recording from the week before. She was able to see immediately how much she had improved over the week. She can’t see it in herself as she works every day, but hearing herself a week before had helped her be able to see that she is actually making progress. That has helped her mentally with the struggles of practicing. She pushes through much more cheerfully.


Soccer has been good. She has done a couple of different indoor leagues. She is just starting her official spring season. She likes her team and they love her. They are so kind. She plays keeper, so it is a high-pressure position. They comment things like she carries the team and things like that, so they are very supportive of her.


If you have read along with McKenna’s summaries for years, then you know that when she was in elementary school, she was very sensitive about what she read. Every book she read convinced her she was going to die in some new way (like rabies…).

As she got older, she really gravitated toward the historical fiction genre, especially World War II. She also loved Fantasy books.

Those are still favorite genres. She has just be starting dystopian novels, also.

Here are some of her favorite books she has read lately.

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6:50 AM-Get up and get ready
7:30 AM-Go to school.
3:00 PM-Get home from school
5:00 PM-Dinner. Family time. Homework if any. Chores. Piano practice. Activities.
9:30 PM-Get ready for bed
10:00 PM-In bed


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