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I decided it would be fun to have a whole round up of many success stories during this week. Below are many great things people shared on Facebook about what they love about Babywise. Do you see anything you recognize in your life? If you have something you want to add, please feel free to do so in the comments below!

I love BW because we know what to expect as a family, and there have been very few gradual changes to his schedule. He is always happy, sleeps 11 hours/night, has always napped well, and has slept through all his teeth 8 and 3 molars), house alarms, pretty much everything! –  



4 hour schedule. Enough said:) -Jeanine


I can see in my children’s eyes how much they *trust* me. They know what to expect from the BW schedule, and it brings us all peace of mind. -Marie


Yes, I agree with Marie Bartels. Using BW has helped me feel strong and capable as a parent. I can meet my needs and my children’s. They trust me because I meet their needs (and of course, adore them and cover them in kisses whenever possible) – they know what to expect from the schedule and know that I will change things when appropriate. I like the way that BW focuses on parental assessment of any situation or problem. While my kids took longer to sttn, I felt more confident in using CIO as a sleep training strategy, and assessing its usefulness at any given time. I think that using BW helped me enjoy my kids more and enjoy parenting more! -Katie


The way we can make a schedule to fit our family’s lifestyle and be able to tell people pretty much exactly what to expect when we leave our son with them. It’s so easy to plan things because of the schedule we have in place. He has slept through the night since about 8 weeks with only a handful of nights with interruptions due to sickness, teething, etc. I get comments about how happy and content he is which provides an open door to explain to them why  We love BW!! -Sydney


 BW has given us the ability to really enjoy our baby girl. She slept through the night at 6 weeks. There is no guessing if she is hungry or sleepy. She takes two two hour naps and one one hour nap in the early evening. She is just now five months. I can get house work done and whatever else I might want to do. BW makes happy babies and a happy home. And yes it is true… Everyone thinks we are”just lucky”, but no it’s baby wise!! (and she has GERD.) -Kristen


I love that the sleep habits I taught my then 4 month old now allow me to focus teaching my now 2.5yo other skills like obedience, patience, and sharing. Many of my fellow mothers are still so focused on getting their toddlers to sleep that the other more abstract concepts have to be put on hold. I love that I knew baby wise so well with my second that he never had to cry it out and has always been a great sleeper for 18mos now (and he had bad GERD till 15.5mo). I love the concept “start as you mean to go on” and the words it puts to other parenting concepts so I can explain my methods to friends, family, and husband! I don’t think I could’ve had my first two only 16 mos apart with our BW! -Alyssa


I love how loosely I followed BW and my LO still fell right into the routines. It doesn’t have to be strict to work! Eat-play-sleep, full feedings, and LO took right to it. I didn’t expect it at all!


Used BW with all three kids. My almost 4yr old sleeps 12hrs as does my 2yr old and my 3mo old. They are calm, aren’t clingy and are independent children. In toddler beds at age 1, never get out if bed until morning, and no 3 hour sleep routine. It’s wonderful! -Katie


What I love about BW??? The fact that my 4 yo, 2yo, and 4 mo sleep 11+ hours every night. They are the happiest little girls. All 3 of them take awesome naps, which let’s me get things done. -Oana


Keeping a routine has been so helpful with our twins… We all know to expect during the day and at night. Establishing the right bedtime (7pm) has been a sanity saver for us and like someone mentioned above, there are no fights at nap time and bedtime! -Mara


I love how I don’t have to guess (for the most part) if my baby is hungry or sleepy and it relieves guilt for not feeding him even though he is crying because I know it is because he is trying to put himself to sleep. -Heather


-I love how it equipped and empowered me as a new mommy. I feel confident in the decisions I’m making on his behalf knowing they are for his best. I also love the peace it brings to our baby and home. -Cristi


Both of my babies are BW babies. It has given us peaceful nights and days that are so much more manageable than I ever dreamed they could be. There are no bedtime battles at our house! -Becky


Confidence! I feel like I know what I’m doing with a first baby. I’m rarely guessing what my baby needs… I just know!! It’s pretty much awesome! -Karley


I love that I can leave my three girls all of whom were BW babies, the youngest just turned one, and they can still follow their schedules to a tee with other family members and on our own vacations. I love that when it’s bedtime, I walk then to the bedroom, do our bedtime routine and within minutes they’re asleep. Everyone’s always so impressed! -Elaine


-We did BW with our first and loved it. We were allowed to enjoy our time with our baby because we were all well rested. It also helped us as new parents to be more confident in our “crying problem solving”. Fast forward 22 months – our first is an enjoyable toddler and our second is 6 months. I would not have survived the last 6 months without BW (and the whole wise series)! The sleep training and routine have allowed for a smooth transition where I can enjoy both my girls without all the horror stories my friends like to share. -Amanda


 I have a 19-month old and 3-week old (both boys). I was at the library last week, and a lady asked me for any tips for surviving with 2. Don’t get me wrong…it’s tough no matter how you slice it, but BW is a huge help! My older son is in independent playtime for up to an hour a day. This is my saving grace! I can take care of the baby, clean up the kitchen, and make myself presentable. I don’t know how parents survive without it… Plus, having him in a strict routine makes life more predictable for all of us! I’m now working on the little one, and he’s already developed some sort of schedule, though he’s obviously unpredictable because he’s so little. Knowing what to expect with the older one helps me tremendously. -Andrea


Love that babies are well rested and happy -Kim


I love knowing what to expect, being able to plan family activities because I know when my baby needs to eat and sleep, and I love that my whole family is getting enough sleep. I also feel like my kid was much better prepared for daycare, even at just 3 months. -Amy


It took longer than expected (by Babywise standards) for our baby to sleep through the night, but he started going to bed without complaint before eight weeks and has done that pretty much ever since. He is now (13 months old) sleeping through 12 hour nights and is such a happy content little guy. My life is busy, but there is order and predictability. I can really enjoy my baby. All this is such a blessing considering that little sister will join us any day now. I don’t know what I would do without the commonsense principles of Babywise. -Janalin


BW literally has been beyond amazing. We started at 6 weeks and our little one slept through the night at 12. Next week he will be 7 months old and is doing amazing. He is always happy because he knows what to expect. We are so blessed. People tell us all the time that we have the best behaved baby and that he is the happiest they have seen; combination of love and Babywise for sure! Xo 

-Bangs, Bottles, and a Bambino


Happy babies. I have two BW babies, and I can’t even begin to tell you how happy they are. I get constant compliments on the happiness of my children. People are baffled, actually at how happy they are sometimes. My response is always “a baby that is well fed and we’ll slept is a happy baby”



 I love that BW has given my family predictability in our week. I can set aside time for focusing on godly training as well as working on behaviours that carry the wrong attitude. As for my babies they sleep through the night quickly and are much more settled than any other baby I know. Selah -Kat


I love that I can leave my kids with anyone and can tell them exactly when they eat, nap, wake up, etc. It’s predictable and easy for everyone involved. I can also plan things in advance because I know when my kids will be awake and napping. Babywise produces great sleepers, predictable schedules, and sanity for me as a mom. -Lacey

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  1. I started BW late (at 4.5 months) with my daughter, now 11 mo. At the time, everybody thought I was crazy. CIO and scheduling are unheard of in this part of the world, I'm from India where there's only one type of parenting – attachment parenting…So, I still went ahead with it because I was tired of rocking, swaying and singing to my baby from 8 pm to 1 am everyday until she slept…Today, I constantly get comments on how happy, alert, content and obedient my baby is. Thank you Babywise and thank you Valerie! Without your blog I would have lost my sanity a long time ago… Sonia Mom to baby Zoe


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