A New Zealand Success

On January 1st 2011 our little girl was born in a natural and timely fashion on her expected due date.

My husband and I had seen first hand families on a routine and ones that were not and we were positive that we did not want us or our children ending up like the latter. We had read a few books and were settled on ‘The Contented Little Baby’ routine until a cousin recommended we read ‘Babywise’. Well, this was much more us, we make the Babywise routine work with our lifestyle and we still feel in charge as we are making all the decisions. Our motto is defiantly ‘start as you mean to go on’.


Our little girl thrives on her routine and has always hit her milestones early, I am sure this is because she has time to think and dream about so many other things as her food, play time and sleep time are all taken care of.

We feel confident as parents because when something is out of character (we know her character because she is so consistent) we can respond quickly and effectively.


She has always been such a happy girl, people are always commenting on how aware, observant and content she is.


I have even had many comments of… ‘does she ever cry’… my reply is, ‘not much, she doesn’t have much to cry about I guess’.


She is comming up to 6 months now and we have started reading ‘Babywise Two’, while I don’t agree with everything in this book there are so many useful tips that just make sense. Start as you mean to go on… ‘train don’t retrain’, common sense really.



Bronwyn O’Connell NZ


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