Order for a scatterbrain

I love Babywise! I know some people think that BW is for moms who have it “all together”, are super scheduled already, etcetera. Well, I am definitely NOT that way. When I was pregnant with my first baby I kind of worried about that. How would I remember everything needed to take care of a baby? BW was the answer for me. I got ourselves on a routine as soon as I could, and before I knew it, it was firmly engrained in my mind. I think that without the routine, my baby would have probably gone without feedings for long times during the day and then would
have had to make up for it in the night, would have missed diaper changes, etc. The routine enabled me to forget about those things because I knew I would remember them at the right time!

I know some people think that BW causes low milk supply. But I think it could be the other way around. I observe some of my “feeding on demand” friends whose babies sip and sip, and I wonder how they even have a milk let-down with just a minute of feeding! With BW you sit
down for a good, solid feeding at regular intervals and I felt it always kept my milk supply at its best.

Right now, another thing I am really enjoying is blanket time. My little girl is so busy and obviously it is a relief for me to have her in one space for a while. But what I like best is that it really helps her play focused for a while, rather than just running from here to there. She absolutely loves it and plops down in the middle of the blanket as soon as I put it down 🙂 Who said kids don’t need boundaries?? Even my one-year-old knows she does!

Thanks for the very informative blog, Val!


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