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In our sleep deprived states as parents with newborns, we are often anxious to get back to sleeping through the night. Perhaps one of the hardest things about it is not knowing when it will happen for sure. “What age will my baby sleep through the night?” It would be easier if we knew it would be 9 weeks, right? Then we could mentally prepare ourselves. This poll is intended to help people see what is typical, and also that there are situations that are not in the range of typical. I can’t tell you when your baby will sleep through the night, but I can help you see what averages are and that there are always babies who fall outside of average. 

You can find original answers here. There were also answers on the Chronicles Facebook Page. Thank you to everyone who helped contribute!


  1. What age did your child start sleeping 7-8 hours uninterrupted consistently?
    4-5 weeks: 3
    6-7 weeks: 5
    7-8 weeks: 11
    9 weeks: 1
    11 weeks: 2
    12 weeks: 1
    15 weeks: 1
    16-18 weeks: 2
    Don’t Remember: 2
  2. What age did your child start sleeping 9-10 hours uninterrupted consistently?
    5 weeks: 1
    8 weeks: 3
    9 weeks: 8
    10 weeks: 5
    11 weeks: 1
    12 weeks: 2
    13 weeks: 1
    15 weeks: 1
    16 weeks: 1
    20 weeks: 2
    8 months: 1
    Don’t remember: 2
  3. What age did your child start sleeping 11-12 hours uninterrupted consistently?
    8-9 weeks: 2
    10 weeks: 1
    12 weeks: 8
    13-14 weeks: 3
    15 weeks: 2
    16 weeks: 2
    5 months: 3
    6 months: 1
    7 months: 1
    10 months: 1
    1 year: 2
    N/A: 1
  4. Did baby sleep through the night on his/her own, or did you do something to expedite the process?
    Moved baby to own room: 1
    Babywise: 8
    Swaddling: 5
    Pacifier: 1
    Intentional Training: 3
    Consistency: 7
    CIO: 5
    White Noise: 1
    Night Weaning: 3
    Waited a bit before responding to night noises: 1
    On Own: 16
  5. If yes to 4, what did you do? Was it successful?
    Yes: 13
    N/A: 16
  6. If you tried cluster feeding, do you feel like it helped baby sleep through the night?
    Yes: 8
    No: 5
    Unsure: 1
    N/A: 14
  7. If you did the dreamfeed, do you feel like it helped baby sleep through the night?
    Yes: 9
    No: 6
    Unsure: 5
    N/A: 8
  8. If you did CIO at night, how many nights did it take to get to sleeping through the night?
    1 night: 3
    3 nights or less: 4
    Less than one week: 1
    Couple of weeks: 1
    Unsure: 4
    Didn’t work: 1
    N/A: 13
  9. What helped baby sleep through the night?
    Eating enough in day: 10
    Good feeding before bedtime: 1
    Sleep in own room: 2
    Have consistent schedule during day: 12
    Babywise!: 5
    Swaddle: 7
    No Waketime For Dreamfeed: 1
    CIO: 5
    White Noise: 2
    Pacifier: 1
    Early bedtime: 1
  10. What hindered baby sleeping through the night?
    Sickness: 2
    Teething: 1
    Gas: 1
    Growth Spurt: 1
    Shortened bedtime feeding: 1
    Not Enough Sleep During Day: 4
    Interruption to Daily Routine: 4
    Pacifier: 3
    Not enough food in day: 4
    Cold: 1
    N/A: 5
  11. Any words of wisdom or encouragement for parents hoping to have their baby sleep through the night?Christina said: Good advice for me to give myself as we are expecting #2. Make sure baby eats enough during the day. This is key so that they are less hungry at night! Work on setting up a bedtime routine that is consistent and familiar. Set a routine schedule (doesn’t have to be exact times, but a comfortable routine will help). Don’t expect all babies to sleep as quickly as mine did (like I said, I got lucky!), but on the other hand, don’t underestimate your child, either.

    Adriane said: Getting on a schedule is HARD work. But with the effort you will have a well rested, happy, predictable baby!

    Belinda said: Although it doesn’t seem like it now, these times will pass and your bub will sleep longer stretches smile emoticon
    Julie said: If you are consistent it will come. Don’t give up. Usually you get one night and then you lose two or three. Then two in a row and lose one. Be encouraged by what your baby can do, rather than discouraged by the interrupted night. It’ll get better.

    Jess said: When people say that they will eventually get there, it’s true! It can feel like forever when you’re in the middle of it but they can learn. Also, don’t Google CIO if you’re in the middle of it – lots of people think it’s a terrible idea and will make you feel like the worst mom ever. Trust a few friends/family who will support you.

    Brittany said: Babywise works! It is a sanity saver. Use this blog! I’ve used it more than the book itself since my son was born. It will get discouraging and you will have emotional meltdowns, but remember the blessing that your baby is. Some parents would give it all to have a baby crying all night.

    Karen said:  My best advice is to stay consistent!

    Melissa said: Don’t underestimate the importance of the day and its impact on the night!

    Wendy said: Make sure bub is getting all the calories they need during the day. Set firm times for daily wake time and down for the night, treat down for the night feed as a night feed, so no wake time between feed and bed. We do feed, bath, EBM top up then bed. Make room dimly lit, and wrap for bed before doing that last feed.

    Cole said: You’ll get through it! I promise it will pass. Also, babies are little humans with different personalities. What worked for one kid may not work for another so don’t be afraid to try different things. And personally, I don’t think all babies are ready to STTN by 12 weeks like BW says. If you’ve tried EVERYTHING and it seems like your little one just can’t do it, then hold on just a few more weeks until the 16-18 weeks mark. Don’t be down on yourself thinking that you’re doing something wrong smile emoticon


Naomi said: Night waking can be due to many things other than hunger. Don’t automatically feed them as that can extend night waking. I feel like nothing we did helped or hindered [our second]. He was going to sleep great if he felt good and be up all night if he didn’t no matter what we did (apart from giving meds).

Jessi said: The benefit of teaching your baby to sleep far outweighs the stress of the training period and hearing baby cry. The training period feels like forever when you’re in it, but afterwards, you’ll look back and think it wasn’t that bad and you can’t imagine not having done it!

Jessie said: Stick to your nap and feeding routines so you have confidence their needs are taken care of during the day. As long as baby is eating and going right back to sleep, it’s most likely a necessary feeding for them and in the long term, it really isn’t forever 🙂

Katrina said:  Any words of wisdom or encouragement for parents hoping to have their baby sleep through the night? Sleep training is an investment in your marriage (one of the best things you can give your child is a healthy marriage) and in your child’s health. You are not selfish for trying to help your child sleep through the night. Think of how much better you feel when you get good sleep? I believe these are great habits for your child. They will be more alert and happy during wake times thus more able to learn better during wake times. Hang in there! You’re doing a great job! Just try to be consistent with naps during the day and remember generally sleep begets sleep. Don’t think u can wear them out to getting a good night sleep! Set a timer if you CIO so you know when you have an end and get to go in and comfort. I also would pray that God would lead me to go in if I really ought to. I can’t tell u how many times My son would roll over and fall asleep just as the timer went off. 
I really think it’s harder on mom than anyone else. It is an investment in the family to do the work necessary to help your child develop healthy sleep habits.

Amber said:  It is definitely worth the discipline to keep to a schedule during the day. And I agree that it is so key for peaceful home and a happy marriage. ❤️ 

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