Kaitlyn Preschooler Summary: 4.5 Years Old

Daily life, schedule, and routine for a 4.5 year old preschooler. See how the preschooler’s sleep was going and how eating was going.

4.5 year old Kaitlyn jumping of a pile of straw bales

I was just thinking about how these Preschooler Summaries can seem kind of un-interesting to me. But then I read Brayden’s for this age and saw we had moved to rest time, which is something I did at the end of this period and felt like it was early, so I guess even if it isn’t earth-shattering at the moment, it can be helpful in the future.


Eating is similar. I would say there is mild improvement to her sense of adventure with new foods.

She does still constantly try to eat fresh raspberries and blackberries and other foods she knows she doesn’t like, but she sees the family loving and thinks maybe this time it will be good. 

She went through a week or two where literally all she wanted to eat was bread with butter. I make bread from scratch–including the ground-up wheat–so I feel okay about her eating the bread, but we all know she can’t possibly live by bread alone, so I did insist she eat other foods, which she did. 

One funny food story. I took Kaitlyn and a neighbor boy to the library for story time. They got apples afterward for a snack.

On the drive home, they ate their apples and talked about how delicious they were. Then the wondered why the apples were so good. They decided it must be the juice. They decided that the makers of apples must put apple juice into the apples to make them good. Kids are so funny.


Last time I said I didn’t think Kaitlyn would be ready for rest time by this age, and she is! She has rest time instead of nap time most days. 

For Kaitlyn right now, rest time is 1 hour. I check on her after an hour and if she is asleep, I leave her for another hour. If she is awake, I let her get up. She doesn’t know the details of our arrangement. Some days she does take a nap, but it is really down to 1-2 days a week.


Kaitlyn started preschool last month! She loves it. Her teacher tells me she is great with no problems. 

Kaitlyn walking into preschool


Kaitlyn is easy to correct. She doesn’t need time outs, privileges taken away, etc. You tell her once and she does it. 


Kaitlyn is a girl and apparently with girls come emotions. Oh the emotions!

She can cry at the drop of a hat with her feelings hurt. She cried one day because the neighbor boy walked past her without saying hi (and he had, by the way, said hi to her just moments before).

So we definitely have our irrational moments. The other day she woke up completely grumpy and was not happy about anything we had planned for the day. The cute thing was McKenna trying to cheer her up, “We go to duck pond. That sound fun Kait-in?”

I  know I talk about the emotions often. That is why I slightly fear McKenna turning 3. Kaitlyn was not irrational until she turned 3. 

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While she has her moments that are beyond my understanding, she is for the most part very happy and sweet. She is great at sharing with others. She is our peacemaker. She is very sweet to both of her siblings.


Kaitlyn’s interests in life right now so far as toys are stuffed animals, My Little Pony, and Littlest Pet Shop. She often plays babies, but really only with McKenna (that is her passion). She will also play Legos, but really only with Brayden (his passion). 

She loves, loves, loves her cats. You can tell Kaitlyn is an animal girl, right?

She also loves to read and look at books and loves to color. She will sit at the table literally for hours coloring. 


7:15–wake up. Get ready for school. Eat breakfast. Play with Brayden.
9:15–leave for school (she has school 3 days a week. One day, she has dance instead)
12:10–home from school
12:15–lunch. Then play with McKenna
1:30–rest time
2:30–up from rest time. Independent play.
3:30–free time. Some days video games.
4:00–play with Brayden and sibling play until dinner.
5:30–dinner. Chores. Family time
7:00–start getting ready for bed 
8:00–in bed


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