Brayden Preteen Summary: 12.75 Years Old

This is a Preteen summary for Brayden from 12.5-12.75 years old. Preteen boy information. 

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Brayden has never been a picky eater. He has always been easy with food and the most I ever talk about with him is the sheer amount of food he eats.

Until now.

Imagine my surprise when he started getting grumpy about what was made for dinner. Not because he was picky about what was being made, but because he was getting particular about the food being made. He was getting in the mood for a certain food and when I didn’t make that, he got moody. Grumpy. Ungrateful. It was like he was a pregnant woman with her cravings not being met. 

I didn’t like that so much.

I don’t know. Maybe the massive growth spurts that impact teens put them into food cravings and they feel as moody as  pregnant woman. He is growing a lot. He grew over an inch in one month. 

Even so, manners matter. Respect matters. Being grateful matters. 

I let him know that if he would prefer, he could make dinner each night so he could be in control of what was made. That wasn’t of interest to him. He really didn’t seem to understand what the big deal was. He just understood I didn’t like him wanting to eat a certain food. 

My husband ended up talking to him and explaining things. Something about the conversation made sense to Brayden and he finally understood that he was being ungrateful. He apologized and sincerely felt bad about it. We haven’t had food issues since. 


On that note, I have to say that I have found that having the dad talk to the preteen when they are being disrespectful to mom is super, super helpful. When a child is disrespectful, it is hard to not take it personally, especially when it is an older child who knows better. You know they know better because you personally taught them better. Having the third party step in and say, “Yep, that was not okay” helps. It also helps that the third party was not the one being disrespected. It is easier for them to talk about it without emotion. I am not an emotional person, but nothing irritates me more than being disrespected. In talking with other moms, especially moms of teens, I have gathered this is a common number one irritation among mothers. We don’t like it. 


Sleeping is great. 


Physical touch is NOT Brayden’s love language. We may be able to go so far as to say it is an anti-love language. No way, no how. Well, he has two sisters for whom touch is very high, if not the highest. They just want to hug him. To make everyone happy, we have a rule that he must hug each of them for 10 seconds each day. He tolerates it. They love it. I find it very amusing. 


This is what Brayden was involved with during this time period:

  • Swim team: He spent more time with swim team. He is getting old enough that it is kind of time to put more focus into what you think your main interest and pursuit will be. 
  • Piano lesson: He LOVES the piano.
  • Scouts

Typically in the winter, he has played basketball. He decided to not do that this year in order to have more time to focus on swimming.

He did an audition choir for a bit during this time and had fun in that, but then the swim team schedule changed and conflicted with the choir. 


School is great. Brayden is loving middle school. He earned a 4.0 his second trimester. His teachers all love him. One told me that he knows if Brayden doesn’t get it, he has to teach it differently because no one is getting it.

Brayden is one of two 7th graders from his school chosen to represent the school in the State Math Competition. He had a lot of fun at that (we don’t know results yet). 


6 AM — Get up

7 AM — Go to school

3 PM — Get home

8 or 9 PM — Bedtime

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