The -Wise Series and Older Children/Adoption

The -Wise Series and Older Children/Adoption. Babywise has benefits for older children and adopted children.   While Babywise is often read and implemented by parents with newborns, I think the… View Post

Steps to Expect in the Process of Domestic Adoption

The Steps to Expect in the Process of Domestic Adoption. How to know if adoption is right for you and everything to expect. Many people don’t fully understand just how… View Post

Babywise Bonding With Bottle & Breast

I have 3 children and have followed babywise with all of them.   Two of my kids were adopted at birth, and the babywise method provided a great vehicle for… View Post

3 Easy Steps To Get Your Baby Sleeping Through The Night

by Erica Hicks   Who am I kidding, there’s no short cuts in parenting!  You have to do the work, put in the time, but that is why we… View Post

This, Too, Shall Pass {Guest Post}

  by Elaine from   As a general rule, I dislike the “newborn phase”. Newborns are challenging! I know some love the newborn phase. The newness of life, the… View Post

Talking About Adoption {Guest Post}

How do you talk to an adopted child about their adoption story?   When it came to this particular topic concerning adoption, my husband and I simply discussed the matter… View Post

Babywise with Two Adopted Children

  I have two girls, ages 4 and almost 2. Both of my daughters were adopted at birth. I started BW with my oldest when she was 15 weeks old. She was… View Post