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Baby Body Signs: The Nose

    Did you know that a newborn recognizes a mother through smell first? Scientists even say a baby at 27 weeks gestation can sense 120 different smells found in… View Post


Good hearing is very beneficial to the development of language. Baby Body Signs states, “…babies learn to speak…almost effortlessly if all the components of hearing…are in place” (page 78). The ears aren’t… View Post


You know how you are always analyzing your baby and wondering if what you are seeing is normal or not? (I know I am not the only one!) Baby Body… View Post

Hair and Scalp Concerns

Bald spot on McKenna The book Baby Body Signs (affiliate link) is full of information to help you know what to worry abut and what not to worry about. Here is a… View Post

Head Concerns

  A while ago, I told you about a very informative book I was sent to review called Baby Body Signs. This book has great information on what to worry… View Post