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Using Encouragement as a Discipline Tool

There are many ways to discipline, or correct, a child, and encouragement is one of those! Read all about how to use encouragement as discipline in this post.  Did you… View Post

McKenna Preteen Summary: 10.75 Years Old

Daily life and schedule for a 10 year old tween girl. Learn about common concerns that come up with the preteen age group. This is a summary for McKenna from… View Post

How to Help Preschoolers Work Through Their Fears

Tips to help preschoolers work through their fears and learn to overcome those fears. Learn what to do and what not to do as a parent. Children get scared. It… View Post

Brayden Teen Summary: 14.5 Years Old

All about a 14.5 year old teenage boy. Teen life for a boy and a typical daily schedule and life who was raised on Babywise. This is a summary for… View Post

Baby Growth Spurts: Everything You Need To Know

Know the signs of a growth spurt, how to handle the growth spurt, what ages are growth spurts, how long a growth spurt lasts, and feeding baby in growth. It… View Post

Babywise Sample Schedules: 12-15 Months Old

Sample schedules for 12-15 month old pretoddlers using the Babywise method. Know what milestones to expect and how to shift the schedule for your young toddler. Can you believe how… View Post

Brinley Child Summary: 7.25 Years Old

Find out what life is like for this 7 year 3 month old girl who was raised on Babywise. See her daily life, activities she is involved in, and her… View Post